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Program Overview

The Fashion Design program is a comprehensive and dynamic curriculum that equips aspiring fashion professionals with the essential skills and knowledge to thrive in the ever-evolving fashion industry. From the inception of a fashion collection to its final presentation, students delve into the intricacies of sourcing materials, developing silhouettes, forecasting trends, and understanding different fashion markets. They hone their technical drawing abilities, master advanced construction techniques, and explore subjects including textiles, patternmaking, garment construction, fashion history, branding, entrepreneurship, and digital design with a focus on practical experience. Students leave the program with a comprehensive understanding of the design and development process and are prepared to make their mark in the fashion industry.

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  • Apparel Designer Apparel Designers, or clothing/fashion designers, conceptualize and produce clothing items and typically will specialize in one design category, such as activewear, casual, or evening wear.
  • Pattern Maker A Pattern Maker creates patterns on paper or fabric for clothing industry use. These patterns are typically derived from a designer's sketch and refined by a pattern maker.  
  • Assistant Designer Assistant Designers work closely with fashion designers to help designers create new styles, designs, materials, colours, patterns and prints for fashion brands and labels.
  • Production Assistant Production Assistants are the link between designers and suppliers by monitoring stock, placing production orders, and ensuring things run smoothly by providing materials, factory production, and ensuring all services are up to date.
  • Technical Designer A Technical Designer is a fashion professional who reviews designs and comes up with practical solutions to creating those designs.
  • Fashion Retail Fashion Retail is involved in offering fashion goods and services from manufacturers to consumers from seasonal, sales, timing, and price lines.
  • Stylists Stylists are consultants who curate looks for editorial features, print or advertising campaigns, visuals, performances, and public appearances for celebrities, models or other public figures.
  • Purchasers A Fashion Purchaser or buyer, makes purchasing decisions for a clothing retailer by combining one's analytical mind with their eye for style.


  • Use design theory to solve fashion design problems.
  • Create original garments that exceed industry design and quality standards.
  • Understand the relationship between fashion illustration, apparel design and product development.
  • Effectively communicate design ideas between various manufacturing, marketing and merchandising industry components.
  • Describe the role fashion history plays in fashion styling, design and display.
  • Analyze garment construction for quality, the efficacy of design, and price point.
  • Understand product development, apparel production, and textile life cycles.
  • Understand the importance of fashion forecasting of apparel design, marketing, and merchandising.
  • Develop a portfolio containing original design work, flats and specifications, photographs, a promotional kit and a final themed collection consistent with at least four original garments.
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Courses Timeline

Fashioning a Sustainable Future: Nurturing Ethics and Style
Photoshop I
Fashion Illustration: Essential Skills for Designers
Colour and Design
Patternmaking Fundamentals

Sewing Foundations: Essential Skills
Adobe Illustrator for Fashion
Fashion Collection Crafting: Concept to Market
Textile Design Lab
Intermediate Patternmaking Techniques

Intermediate Garment Construction
Fashion History: A Journey of Style and Revolution
Fashion Forecasting: Unveiling Style Trends
Inventive Design Studio: From Concept to Collection
The Timeless Art of Draping

Advanced Garment Construction
Digital 3D Design Technology I
Fashion Buying and Mathematics
Brand Architect: Developing and Managing Identity
Advanced Patternmaking: Defining Your Design Signature

Navigating E-Business as a Digital Entrepreneurship
Digital 3D Design Technology II
Digital and Social Media Marketing: Crafting Engaging Content
Advanced Design Studio: Expanding Concepts into Dynamic Collections
Digital Pattern Making 4

Fashion Production Management and the Technical Package
Portfolio and Professional Development
Fashion Styling Unleashed
Fashion Capstone: Bringing Your Final Collection to Life
Fashion Event Management and Promotion

  • Fashioning a Sustainable Future: Nurturing Ethics and Style

    Sustainability is essential for the fashion industry to progress, and with the dramatic changes within the apparel industry in the past 20 years, fashion can no longer be taught without first examining the historical, social, and environmental aspects of the global fashion industry and the current tools and methodologies available to improve it. This course examines sustainability and fashion in the contexts of retailing, development, and marketing. The course will...

  • Photoshop I

    In this course, students will gain an understanding of the application and importance of image editing and construction as a universal skill in across diverse design genres. This course introduces students to raster image-editing software, Adobe Photoshop. Through this 'hands-on' course, students will acquire skills with workflow fundamentals, as well as advanced features, and tips, and acquire the skills to prepare images for digital output and print. Emph...

  • Fashion Illustration: Essential Skills for Designers

    This course will teach students the fundamental skills necessary to create professional hand-rendered and digital fashion illustrations. Students will develop a visual vocabulary by exploring a variety of mixed media and drawing techniques to enable them to create their own signature illustration style. Rendering and design concepts such as line, shape, texture, colour, patterns, and shading will be explored to aid in this creative expression. By gaining an underst...

  • Colour & Design

    This course will build students’ understanding of colour and design principles through exploration and application across media, visual, and applied practice. This course will introduce students to the fundamental principles of colour theory through design, such as layout, composition, balance, colour science and theory and teach them how to apply these principles. These concepts will be reinforced through specific practical exercises and activities that will...

  • Patternmaking Fundamentals

    This foundational course introduces students to the art of flat patternmaking for apparel production. Explore key concepts and techniques, including block drafting, skirt and trouser adaptations, bodice manipulation, and sleeve variations. Gain hands-on experience in pattern creation and measurement techniques. By the end of the course, students will have the skills to create basic garment patterns and make informed design choices.

  • Sewing Foundations: Essential Skills

    This course provides a comprehensive exploration of essential skills in basic garment construction. Through engaging hands- on activities and projects, students acquire a solid foundation in both fundamental and couture techniques. The course prepares students for the more advanced Intermediate Garment Construction Techniques, where they will create complete garments. Students will gain practical experience in sewing, pattern layout, marking, and material economizi...

  • Adobe Illustrator for Fashion

    This course provides comprehensive training in using Adobe Illustrator for fashion, equipping students with the skills to bring their creative visions to life digitally. The course covers industry- specific tools and techniques, empowering students to develop a strong foundation in fashion illustration and digital design. The course also focuses on using Adobe Illustrator to create visually appealing marketing materials, digital assets, and fashion presentations.

  • Fashion Collection Crafting: Concept to Market

    Discover the fascinating world of fashion collection design and development in this comprehensive course. From creative research and inspiration to the final presentation, explore every step involved in creating a cohesive and marketable fashion collection. Gain valuable skills in sourcing materials, developing silhouettes, forecasting trends, and recognizing different fashion markets. Students will learn to effectively communicate their vision through mood boards,...

  • Textile Design Lab

    Explore the world of textiles and fibre science in this 12-week course. Discover the characteristics and properties of natural and synthetic fibres, the process of turning fibres into fabrics, and the terminology used in the industry. Dive into sustainable dyeing, printing, and finishing techniques, and learn about new technologies in fibre production. Gain hands-on experience with weaving, knitting, and fabric manipulation. By the end of the course, students will...

  • Intermediate Patternmaking Techniques

    Explore the art of advanced patternmaking in this dynamic course. Learn techniques for creating easy-fitting garments, including trousers, skirts, tops, and jackets. Discover the intricacies of collar construction and draft various collar types. Dive into complex adaptations of bodice blocks for dresses and lingerie. Delve into the world of tailored jackets, coats, and mystery outfits. Develop patternmaking skills through hands-on activities and create patterns for...

  • Intermediate Garment Construction

    Intermediate Garment Construction (48 Hours) This is an advanced course focusing on couture sewing techniques and the construction of complex garments. Through hands-on projects, students will refine their skills in areas such as strapless bustiers, swimsuits, jersey dresses, and trousers. The course emphasizes precision in garment construction, with a particular focus on couture details and working with knit fabrics. By the end of the course, students will ha...

  • Fashion History: A Journey of Style and Revolution

    Embark on a captivating journey through the ages of fashion history. Unveiling the threads of history, this 12-week exploration will transport you through centuries of style, power, rebellion, and global influence. From the opulent courts of Europe to the revolutionary designs of Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen, immerse yourself in the stories behind iconic fashion movements and their impact on society. Delve into the rise of haute couture, challenge gender bound...

  • Fashion Forecasting: Unveiling Style Trends

    Fashion Forecasting: Unveiling Style Trends is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of fashion forecasting techniques and the practical application of Fashion Snoops a leading trend-forecasting platform in the fashion industry. Students will learn how to analyze and interpret current and emerging trends and apply this knowledge to predict future fashion directions.

  • Inventive Design Studio: From Concept to Collection

    n this dynamic studio course, students further develop their design skills and expand upon the concepts learned in The Art of Fashion Collection Crafting: Concept to Market. Guided by instructors, students explore fabric swatching, textile experimentation, and creative research methods to generate original ideas. Using their own fashion croquis, students conduct extensive research, create mood boards, establish brand identity, analyze consumer demographics, and pro...

  • The Timeless Art of Draping

    Students will discover the timeless art of draping, unleash their creativity, and master the techniques that bring garments to life. From the basics to advanced skills, students will create stunning classic, contemporary, and historical pieces, exploring the secrets of pinning, shaping, pleating, and gathering as they transform fabric into works of art. By the end of this course, students will refine their skills, mastering the art of draping complex curves with pr...

  • Advanced Garment Construction

    This comprehensive course offers advanced techniques in garment construction and guides students through the exciting process of collection development. Starting with the construction of a dress shirt, students learn collar and placket techniques. They then progress to tailored jacket construction and explore fabric preparation, pattern layout, and cutting. The course culminates in the creation of a capsule collection first look, where students refine their design...

  • Digital 3D Design Technology I

    Students will unlock their digital fashion design potential with CLO. This 12-week course equips students with essential skills in using CLO 3D software for 3D pattern creation and fabric draping simulation. Students will explore the interface, customize settings, and navigate seamlessly. Develop proficiency in pattern-cutting techniques, understand fabric properties, and material assignments. Students will enhance their designs with captivating print techniques an...

  • Fashion Buying and Mathematics

    In this comprehensive course on fashion buying and retail math, students will acquire the essential tools, skills, and critical thinking required to excel in the dynamic world of retail buying. From forecasting consumer demand to implementing sustainable and ethical practices, participants will gain a deep understanding of the strategies and calculations that drive successful fashion buying decisions.

  • Brand Architect: Developing and Managing Identity

    Explore the world of brand development and management in the dynamic fashion industry through this course. Gain a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and strategies for building strong fashion brands. From crafting brand identity and positioning to implementing effective communication and promotion strategies, students will learn how to create engaging brand experiences and foster customer loyalty. Topics covered include consumer behaviour, retail operation...

  • Advanced Patternmaking: Defining Your Design Signature

    In this advanced drafting course, students will continue to build on the skills and aptitudes gained from previous terms. Students will create patterns and toiles of the three designs selected from The Art of Fashion Collection Crafting: Concept to Market. This will be an opportunity for students to pattern draft and sew toiles for their own original design ideas. Students will learn the proper fall and fit of a garment as well as techniques to add or reduce fullne...

  • Navigating E-Business as a Digital Entrepreneurship

    The fashion e-business and entrepreneurship masterclass is designed to provide prospective fashion entrepreneurs the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in the world of online retail. Students will explore market research, company planning, brand building, e-commerce platforms, and marketing techniques over the course of 12 weeks, all while embracing the entrepreneurial attitude required for success.

  • Digital 3D Design Technology II

    Students will advance their skills in CLO with this 12-week advanced course. As a continuation of Digital Design Technology I, this course focuses on detailed construction, custom material simulation, production workflows, and presentation skills. Explore advanced techniques such as sportswear and yoga wear, custom trims, and materials like fur, knitwear, lace, and washed denim. Learn production techniques, including modular configurator usage and seam allowance gr...

  • Digital and Social Media Marketing: Crafting Engaging Content

    This course provides a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing strategies and techniques. Participants learn how to connect with customers, establish a strong online presence, and create engaging content. The course covers various topics, including marketing foundations, strategy development, target market identification, goal setting, and paid advertising. It also explores social media marketing, content creation, e-mail marketing, analytics, and communit...

  • Advanced Design Studio: Expanding Concepts into Dynamic Collections

    In this professional studio course, students will master the art of constructing and fitting garments, focusing on three selected looks from their 40-look collection developed in Inventive Design Studio: From Concept to Collection. Guided by experienced instructors, students will delve into the intricacies of creating custom patterns in Advanced Patternmaking: Defining Your Design Signature, while gaining proficiency in construction techniques, sewing, pressing, fa...

  • Digital Pattern Making

    This course introduces students to computer-aided design for pattern making. Students will learn how to transfer pattern drafts to a computer with industry-standard software. This course introduces the digital equivalents of pattern creation, alterations to existing product patterns, grade rule tables, and marker making. Through hands-on experience, students will gain knowledge of the system’s capabilities to digitize and modify designs, manage files, plot pa...

  • Fashion Production Management and the Technical Package

    Explore the intersection of creativity and innovation with this 12- week comprehensive course. Students will gain essential skills and knowledge to bring their fashion ideas to life while integrating sustainable practices throughout the process. From market research to design, prototyping to sourcing, and quality control to distribution, learn how to create stylish and environmentally responsible products. Join in and shape the future of fashion through product dev...

  • Portfolio & Professional Development

    Students develop the tools and skills required to present themselves professionally and succeed in the fashion industry. Outcomes include a professional digital portfolio, a portfolio presentation, an industry-standard resume, an industry-standard job application cover letter template, the ability to conduct a winning job interview, networking skills, a professional LinkedIn, and the ability to use social media strategically for professional purposes. This course w...

  • Fashion Styling Unleashed

    Fashion Styling Unleashed equips students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel as fashion stylists. Learn the significance of fashion styling, develop key skills, and explore the role of the stylist as a cultural gatekeeper and storyteller. Learn about body proportions, silhouette coordination, design principles, and creating visually perfect outfits. Gain insights into print styling, editorial shoots, client wardrobe management, portfolio buildi...

  • Fashion Capstone: Bringing Your Final Collection to Life

    This comprehensive course is designed to help students transform their sketches into a stunning line of garments ready for the runway. With a focus on individual design aesthetics, students will construct a final collection that showcases their unique vision. Building upon the skills learned, students will review and refine their samples to ensure accuracy and precision. By the end of the course, students will have developed a design portfolio that reflects their c...

  • Fashion Event Management and Promotion

    This comprehensive course is designed to provide fashion students with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully organize, manage, and promote fashion events and shows. Students will explore the key elements involved in planning and executing fashion events, including event logistics, production, promotion, branding, and sustainable practices. Through theoretical concepts, practical assignments, and hands-on projects, students will gain the necessary exper...

Costs & Requirements

  • Grade 12 or mature student status (19 years or older). OR
  • Pass the college's admission test where an applicant's first language is other than English and has not completed secondary (or higher) education in English. 

For tuition prices and costs, fill out the request info form to speak with an admissions representative.

VCAD's Refund Policy abides by the Private Training Regulation of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) Private Training Act.
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  • Alumni 1 Noel Gabriel Ambrosio 2020
  • Alumni 2 Nikki Katouzian 2022
  • Alumni 4 Dryden Sereda 2022
  • Alumni 4 Madison Prangnell 2020
  • Alumni 5 Tuong Kim Thuy Nguyen 2020

Student Testimonials

  • If it wasn't for VCAD I don't think I would be where I am today. I've had some amazing opportunities, I've met some wonderful people - amazing connections, and I'll be forever grateful.

    - Sabrina Laprise
  • The most important thing that I learned at VCAD was how to use software - graphic design software.

    - Ewa Wawryszuk
  • What drew me to the interior design program was that it was a creative industry and also that it's business oriented.

    - Luc Kwan
  • I chose VCAD because of all the options and programs that they offered, and I wanted to succeed and through not just my classes but also making like really cool things that I'm proud of.

    - Luke Johnston
  • The instructors are really helpful, even outside school projects. They gave me a lot of advice about improving my skills as a graphic designer.

    - Maricel Benjamin
  • The most valuable part of the program is the one on one time with the teachers. They are always willing to go out of their way to make sure you understand what you are doing.

    - Katrina Selkirk


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    Fashion Design

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    Fashion Design

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    Dillon H.
    Fashion Design

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    Christine F.
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