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Train to be a fashion designer. VCAD’s fashion courses will help you turn your personal style and fashion know-how into a full-time career. This program is available in Vancouver. Fill out the Request Info form above to learn more about the program – or apply today!

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Student Review

See what our students and grads have to say about their experience at VCAD. 

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Sabrina - Fashion Design Grad
Sabrina Laprise, Fashion Design

If it wasn't for VCAD I don't think I would be where I am today. I've had so ...

me amazing opportunities, I've met some wonderful people - amazing connections, and I'll be forever grateful.

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Ewa - Graphic Design Grad
Ewa Wawryszuk, Graphic Design

The most important thing that I learned at VCAD was how to use software - graphic design ...


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Luc - Interior Design Grad
Luc Kwan, Interior Design

What drew me to the interior design program was that it was a creative industry and also ...

that it's business oriented.

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Luke - Game Development and Design Grad
Luke Johnston, Game Development and Design

I chose VCAD because of all the options and programs that they offered, and I wanted to ...

succeed and through not just my classes but also making like really cool things that I'm proud of.

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Maricel - Interior Design Grad
Maricel Benjamin, Interior Design

The instructors are really helpful, even outside school projects. They gave me a lot of ...

advice about improving my skills as a graphic designer. 

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Katrina - 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design Grad
Katrina Selkirk, 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design

The most valuable part of the program is the one on one time with the teachers. They are ...

always willing to go out of their way to make sure you understand what you are doing. 

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Jae - Fashion Design Grad
Jae Esmane, Fashion Design

We have very important classes that are very useful in the industry. Really good hands-o ...

n and technical classes. 

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Alisha - Fashion Design Grad
Alisha Rempel, Fashion Design

The teachers, being a part of the industry, have really amazing contacts with peopl ...

e working in the industry, and I have been able to take advantage of opportunities that I have received through VCAD. 

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Crystal - Interior Design Grad
Crystal Dauphinee, Interior Design

Coming to VCAD allowed me to have an international environment around me, international ...

influences in my learning and international instructors. That was my goal because you can't learn design in a silo; I wanted influences from all backgrounds. One of the key things that I learned from the programs that prepared me for the field was when we did site visits, site measures and when we went to the trade showrooms. 

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Carlos - Mobile Game Design and Development Grad
Carlos Alejandro, Mobile Game Design and Development

VCAD was very hands-on. We were constantly working on our portfolio. I had classes with ...

actual game designers - teachers who taught animations and were actual working as animators in the industry. 

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Madison - Interior Design Grad
Madison Boulter,

VCAD has definitely prepared me for the job. We use all of the same programs that we lea ...

rned. It is nice to go into the job knowing what to do. I would recommend VCAD as a place to go. The teachers are incredible - they are always helpful and are there for you all the time. The resources are great!

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Aiden - Graphic Design Grad
Aiden Chu, Graphic Design

I chose VCAD because the program stuck out to me because it goes more in-depth and teach ...

es you everything you need to know. At VCAD, the instructors are pretty hands-on and they give you one on one time which is definitely helpful

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Alex - Graphic Design Grad
Alex Peechow, Graphic Design

VCAD offered me a ray of ideas and direction to take my ideas. They taught me how to lea ...

rn the tools in the industry, the industry standards and basics of interacting with clients and companies. 

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Jamie - Graphic Design Grad
Jamie Wallace-Perkins, Graphic Design

The program has prepared me through working directly with others - with peers and superi ...

ors. It is a very hands-on collaboration. My instructors were very knowledgeable and up-to-date, with their own businesses or industry knowledge that they passed on to us. 

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Brandon - Game Development & Design Grad
Brandon Parnell, Game Development and Design

They have a lot of modeling and texturing courses, so you learn exactly what goes into b ...

uilding the game world itself. 

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Mins - Graphic Design Grad
Mins Singh, Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program at VCAD has prepared me really well for the industry. I am ve ...

ry confident with my portfolio and showcasing it to other people and firms

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Autumn - Graphic Design Grad
Autumn Pawlikowski, Graphic Design

My instructors were very friendly and personal. They treat you like you're a part of ...

the industry and not just a random student. They treated me kindly, and I felt like they were people I could count on and trust. I got a lot of practical experience as most of our assignments involved working on real-world projects

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Niloufar - 3D Modeling Animation Art & Design Grad
Niloufar Rouhbakhsh, 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design

The instructors are really experienced. We had instructors from studios like Disney, and ...

they are not just teaching, but also working in the industry. 

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Rabia - 3D Modeling Animation Art & Design Grad
Rabia Batool, 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design

I got a lot of experience while working on my demo reel. I'm proud of what I ha ...

ve achieved in my time at VCAD

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Danielle - Interior Design Grad
Danielle Genest, Interior Design

You get one on one attention from the instructors, and it's easy to connect with pee ...

rs due to the small class sizes

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Hailey - Graphic Design Grad
Hailey Smith, Graphic Design

I've always been really creative and artistic my entire life and was struggling to f ...

igure out what I wanted to do. I came across the graphic design program at VCAD and it just seemed to fit perfectly. All the instructors are very educated and a lot of them currently work in the industry. They're very helpful with hands-on experience. You get to build connections with each of the instructors.

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Rigel - 3D Modeling Animation Art & Design Grad
Rigel Pascual, 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design

I took up this program because I was always very interested in the process of making fil ...

m and decided early on in my childhood to do something like this

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Tamara - 3D Modeling Animation Art & Design Grad
Tamara Hall, 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design

I feel very confident in the skills that I've learned. I started very simple and can ...

now make a wonderful piece of work

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Garrett - Game Development & Design Grad
Garrett Owens, Game Development and Design

Finishing my demo reel is the most pride I've ever had in something I've done



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Stephanie - Game Development & Design Grad
Stephanie Ng, Mobile Game Design and Development

The fact that I can enter the industry by getting trained by instructors who are already ...

working in the industry is pretty amazing to me

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Annie - Interior Design Grad
Annie Huang, Interior Design

My highlight of the program was working on the final project. Seeing it visually co ...

me to life made me feel accomplished 

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Angellina - Interior Design Grad
Angellina Torre, Interior Design

The program was very hands-on and the instructors were really helpful and supportive&nbs ...


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Jordyn - Graphic Design Grad
Jordyn Ferguson, Graphic Design

VCAD appealed to me because of their shorter programs and I wanted to get into the workf ...

orce as soon as possible and knew VCAD would be able to get me there sooner

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Luc - Interior Design Grad
Luc Kwan, Interior Design

The instructors at VCAD taught me how to stay open minded and how to stay on top of my p ...


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Corinne - Game Development and Design Grad
Corinne Whitford, Game Development and Design

There are a lot of great teachers in this school with valuable knowledge and they take t ...

he time to teach you more and get ready for the industry

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Junfei - Interior Design Grad
Junfei Shi, Interior Design

The learning environment here at VCAD is very inspiring and everybody shares their knowl ...


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Jazmine - Graphic Design Grad
Jazmine , Graphic Design

What drew me to VCAD was how helpful the financial services and career services departme ...

nts were in setting me up for success and helping find jobs after graduation. 

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Luke - Game Development and Design Grad
Luke Johnston, Game Development and Design

VCAD  helped me succeed in not just my classes, but also in my creative projects



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Sabrina - Fashion Design Grad
Sabrina Laprise, Fashion Design - Specialization in Marketing

At VCAD, you can push your boundaries as you have all these instructors who support you ...

and are always there to work with your ideas. 

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Komal - Fashion Design Grad
Komal Chharahhan, Fashion Design - Specialization in Marketing

My instructors remembered something that I told them a year ago, and that dream led me t ...

o where I am now

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Sarah - Fashion Design Grad
Sarah Arkinstall, Fashion Design - Specialization in Marketing

I feel like I've gained a lot of amazing incredible opportunities from going to school h ...

ere I've met incredible people and I've made wonderful connections

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An Education That Gives You Confidence
Tamara Vollin, Interior Design
"Learning so many of the different programs....learning AUTOCAD....I have that confidence b ...

ecause I came here."

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Well-rounded Program & Industry-relevant.
Simone Van Der Linden, 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design
"For the program, they teach us everything that is involved in the industry. Whether you're ...

gaming, film or just TV. They teach you how the pipeline works, the people you'll be working with and the programs you'll be working with."

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Instructors Always Willing To Help
My An Ha, Graphic Design
"The teachers are nice to me and they're always available to help me for whatever question ...

I have and the knowledge is pretty good. I feel like I learned a lot."

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Career Services Support You Through The Job Process
Maricel Benjamin, Interior Design
"The career services here at VCAD helped me connect with people and now I have upcoming int ...

erviews. It's good to know that I'm going to be able to find a job after school."

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Tight-knit Community of Teachers & Students
Katrina Selkirk, 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design
"My favourite thing about VCAD is how tight-knit the students can be and how tight-knit the ...

teachers can be with the students. I find it means a lot more one-on-one time, more working together to make sure you have the best project possible, a lot of trading skills and techniques."

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Access to Industry Connections
Alisha Rempel, Fashion Design
"The teachers have really amazing contacts with people who are right now in the industry an ...

d I have been able to take advantage of opportunities that I have received through vcad, even volunteering opportunities, employment as well. So I'm really thankful to have access to those connections."

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Caring, Supportive Instructors
Jae Esmane, Fashion Design
"Our instructors care about you , if they see you put in the effort, they help you out. If ...

you need extra insight about a specific project....I would not describe is a as student instructor relationship. it's more that they treat you like an equal professional."

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VCAD Portfolio Show Summer 2017
VCAD Portfolio Show Summer 2017,
Recent graduates showcased their talents at the Summer 2017 Portfolio Show and shared what ...

it was like to be a VCAD student.

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An Interview with an Interior Design Grad
Crystal Dauphinee, Interior Design
"One of the most important things I learned at VCAD was how to be an independent designer."
An Interview with a Mobile Game Design and Development Grad
Carlos Alejandro, Mobile Game Design and Development
“VCAD was very hands on. We constantly had to do work. A lot of the schools I attended befo ...

re had been very theoretical but at VCAD the entire focus was having something to present to potential employers."

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
Harrison Neef, Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion
"I went into the program interested in fashion marketing and merchandising but I came out o ...

f it being skilled in it."

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Comprehensive Training
Carla Bostock, Graphic Design
"I didn't know any of the programs before I started. I really loved [...] learning how to p ...

ut my own designs and styles into a final product for businesses."

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Experienced Instructors
Lucas Trichard-Baker, Game Development and Design
"Listening to the teachers talk about their work [...], they work in the industry. These pe ...

ople know their stuff!"

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Becoming a Well-Rounded Designer
Dillon Hayes, Fashion Design
"The only way I'm going to get better is if I learn and go to school and perfect my craft."
Passionate Career
Caitlyn Hais, 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design
"No one can ever say that you can't do something. I came into this program not knowing how ...

to do anything and I'm really proud of what I've come out with today."

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Passion for Art
Sueanne , Graphic Design
I was an accountant for 10 years and hated it. One day I realized I love and missed art an ...

d decided to pursue it as a career. I enjoyed the small class sizes and the instructors and their teaching style.

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Passion to Succeed
Narges , Interior Design
I have always been creative but never had a channel for my creativity. I was nervous becau ...

se I did not have an artistic background or anything to show, but the instructors made me comfortable and saw that I was passionate and that is all I needed to succeed. The best part of the program were the instructors.

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Close-knit Classes
Russ , 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design
I chose VCAD because it had a good location and the program fit my needs. The small class ...

and close-knit student community is great! The instructors encouraged me and gave me one-on-one mentorship based on their industry experience.

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Gives Us Direction
Eli , Graphic Design
I chose VCAD because presented a program much better and intuitive than my previous school. ...

Instructors are great. They helped by providing feedback right away and explaining the use of programs we had to use on the job.

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Creating Inspiration
Chris , 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design
I chose to pursue 3D Modelling because I am really into video games which sparked my art in ...

terests. I chose VCAD mainly because they had 3 life drawing courses, which is very important for me and my future career pursuit. The instructors are great! They are professional and very helpful by putting us in real-life situations.

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Solid Foundation
Jonathan , Graphic Design
I chose to pursue because art has always been an inspiration for me. I chose VCAD because ...

they have a good background and great instructors. VCAD provided us with many opportunities for our future.

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I Love Fashion
Alexandra Hall, Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion
I stumbled onto the VCAD website and found everything I was looking for. I loved meeting t ...

he instructors and students, everyone has a different background and experience. The instructors go out of the way to ensure my success.

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Fashion Dreams
Tennille Oppen, Fashion Design
I have always been interested in the technical aspects of sewing and pattern making. I was ...

very impressed with the instructors and their knowledge and background in the industry. I owe everything to my instructors.

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Classes are a Gift
Sam Dyer, Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion
The instructors help make a difference in my education by providing lots of hands-on work a ...

nd by being very personal. The experience is so intimate, making it easier to retain more information. The powerpoints, videos, and other visual stimulations make the classroom more innovative. My overall experience on campus has been great, I love it! I have learned so much, every class has been a gift. The school should pride itself on its courses and fantastic instructors!

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New Challenges
Garth Roseth, Fashion Design
I have been doing freelance fashion design on 3 continents following my passion to travel. ...

I originally studied fashion design in the Academy of Design and Technology to have an artistic career that would allow me to travel the world. AT 22, I decided to follow my passion for travel. After years of work and travel, I learned and collected a lot of information and real time experience in the apparel industry. At this time in my life, I think it is important to pass on the knowledge to those who want to follow in the world of clothing, textiles, and design. I inspire them with my knowledge and anecdotal stories of my work and travels. I hope to draw their attention to the opportunities outside their grasp. And warn them of potential pitfalls of the fashion industry. Finding this teaching position gives me a new challenge and focus on the path of my professional life.

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One-on-One Feedback
Matthew Thomson, Graphic Design
The one-on-one time with my instructors allows for plenty of useful feedback. All of them ...

are down to earth and very straightforward about what is good and what needs work. The small class sizes allows for a lot of class involvement in every session, making for a much different experience than sitting in a lecture hall. Overall, my experience at VCAD has been great. I really enjoy sharing my entire school career with people that have the same interests as me.

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Students Inspire Me
Trevor VandenEijnden, Graphic Design
I have 12 years experience. My background is primarily in communication, either written, v ...

isual or in fine arts. U gave been working in creative disciplines my whole life, but professionally since starting at NSCAD University in 2001. Have worked in print media (Sonmedia) for four years and for VCADV since 2009. I am passionate about all forms of creative expression, something that was set alight when I was in the 3rd grade and my elementary school cancelled all the art classes due to budget cuts. I believe nothing is more fundamentally important to our civilization that the arts -- we should inspire ourselves so we can inspire others. I inspire my students by being brutally honest. I explain my opinions and rationales and I am not afraid to change my mind or opinions should a student show me something new. I am inspired because they continue to inspire me. IDEAS should be big and creative. I inspire them because I teach them to think bigger and better and to question everything.

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Student to Teacher
Breanne Smith, Graphic Design
Web design was something I did as a hobby in the late nineties, learning HTML through trial ...

and error. It was not until 2004 that I chose to transition from hobby to career. Since 2006, after graduating from the Art Institute, I have been happily instructing students in web development along with taking the occasional freelance contract. During my schooling at the Art Institute, I tended to spend as much time tutoring and helping my classmates as I did on my own work. This caught the attention of my instructors and during my final semester I was encouraged to inquire about a job with the school. I had never thought about education as a career before this, but since the seed was planted, it just made sense. I was very grateful to have been hired by AI only one week after my last day of class! I always make an effort to remember what it was like to be in their shoes and never take for granted that a lot of them are novices. In my classroom it is not just about the how, but the why as well. I also make sure to bring a positive and humorous viewpoint into my classroom. This is super important because web development can easily be perceived as boring and students lose interest. Not only do I try and make them have fun learning how to code, but I ensure they understand the relevancy of it to their careers. Becoming a teacher was the best choice I have made for my life and career. There is nothing more thankful than knowing I have made a contribution someones future, even in a small way.

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Passion in Life
William Maher, 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design
My background is in 3D animation for film, television and video games. I have been in this ...

field for 15 years, including 7 years of academic study. I pursed teaching because education and 3D animation are my two passions, so making a career as an animation teacher was an obvious choice. I inspire my students by exciting them with possibilities.

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I Enjoy Teaching
Patrick Lopetrone, 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design
I have 14 years of experience as a 3D Artist. I pursued teaching because I enjoy it and I ...

also enjoy problem solving. I inspire my students by giving them positive feedback.

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Extremely Helpful
Jeff Nadwidny, 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design
The instructors helped me develop a workflow that could apply to a professional environment ...

, by telling me how to approach any project I come across, and why certain methods work better than others for different situations. It was reinforced that there is more than one way to do things, there is only the best way to approach things as variables in work are always different. Having the instructor show how to do things step-by-step using the class projector was extremely helpful. My overall experience on campus has been good. The instructors and support staff were all very helpful.

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Shailey Horne, 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design
The instructors were great. They were patient with me while I stumbled through the new pro ...

grams and later on when I found new ways to break my programs. They provided helpful feedback on my work, and helped me create better work. The projectors make our classroom more innovative, it allows the instructors to perform live tutorials. My Overall Experience: The staff is friendly and willing to help you in any way. Ernesto is amazing by running around and making sure all the computers are working.

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Excellent School
Kevin Fong, Graphic Design
The instructors help to make my education better by giving suggestions to improve our assig ...

nments, show us ways to improve our work in VCAD, point out our mistakes, tell us proper way to complete projects for school or clients, and by giving us skills we can use for our future jobs. The new computers, programs, and other tools make our classrooms innovative. Overall, my experience has been good. We have clean work spaces, clean classrooms and teacher and staff who are nice and work with us.

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Great Computers
Laurel Styles, Interior Design
The instructors are people who actually work in the field they teach. We have great comput ...

ers, compared to a public school, and if you do not have your own computer it is okay because there is a computer lab available for use. Overall, the staff and other students are great. People seem to get along and are all working towards similar goals.

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Industry Experience
Russell Heyman, 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design
My background is television and feature animation with additional experiences in broadcast, ...

design and effects. I have been in this field for over 17 years with over 20+ films and projects credited. Working at local studios, globally, Disney Animation Studios and The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Winter Games. With additional experiences in marketing, design and graphics. I pursued teaching because I want to share my experiences and skills with students while exploring new opportunities in art direction, management and communications. Ensuring that most student have final portfolios that both the graduate and VCAD team can be proud of. In addition, I enjoy seeing the accomplishments of the graduates from the portfolio show through to the successes of students post-graduation. Working directly with industry in the planning of curriculum and designing programs has also been a pleasure. I inspire my students by discussing industry trends, showcasing professional high quality samples of work, working with learner centred activities, actively engaging in campus activities, working directly with career services to help with student success, volunteering many hours to assist in student development, advising students on opportunities and industry events. Advising campus administration on high quality professional student work for inspiration and motivation both for applicants and current students.

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Share My Experience
Nicole Stewart, Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion
I have worked in the fashion industry for a decade and over that time, I have worn many hat ...

s: freelance writer, magazine editor, event producer, and publicist. In 2007, I launched Nicole Stewart PR and have been creating a buzz and lifestyle events ever since. I enjoy imparting knowledge on students and sharing real-world experiences with the theoretical knowledge we teach in the classroom. I try to inspire my students by encouraging out-of-the-box thinking that prepares and excites them for the professional world.

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Teaching is Fun
Brett Vanderkist, 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design
I have a background in traditional 2D animation, and have been working as an animator for 1 ...

0 years. I pursued teaching because students remind me of the passion and joy this career grows from. Working with young people that are as enthusiastic as I am about animation makes teaching so much fun! I inspire my students by showing them great work, especially if it is not well known so they can see the breadth of animation as an art form. I also have a lot of fun creating things, so I hope my energy rubs off on the students.

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Passion for Fashion
Terry Pitts, Fashion Design
In 1970 - Self-taught illustrator (portraiture/fashion/commercial). I did TV/Film - costum ...

e illustration. In 1974 I got my Fashion Design College Diploma. And 1976 I became a Canadian Jr. Designer and was featured in the Miss Canada Pageant. I pursued teaching because I was always naturally drawn to teaching and sharing my skills and helping students develop their own skills. My passion is for fashion. With a extensive and varied background, I am able to provide students with my knowledge of the industry. I inspire students with real life experiences, sharing my own passion and excitement of new/past knowledge and developments, and encouraging and validating their successes.

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I Encourage Them
Monique MotutFirth, Fashion Design
I have a background in fashion-textiles, post-production and psychology as well as art. I ...

love teaching people. I inspire my students by encouraging them to share their stories.

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Joy of Teaching
Chris York, 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design
I have 23 years of experience in the Animation industry. I was inspired to pursue a teachi ...

ng career because I have a desire to impart my knowledge onto those who want to learn about the industry. I also have a joy for teaching. I inspire students by teaching through visual-aid (images, videos, demonstrations), orally (share stories from my previous experiences, pep-talks), and encouragement (comparing earlier work to later work --to show progression).

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Business Oriented
Secil Turhan, Fashion Design
The instructors make sure that I understand the class material and make it clear on what is ...

expected of me to succeed. The instructors are friendly yet business oriented. Some of the instructors are in the industry, which makes them very resourceful for the students. My experience on campus has been very nice. The staff is always nice and helpful.

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Helpful Criticism
JeanPhilippe Boulais, Graphic Design
The instructors at VCAD are well aware of the industry for graphic design, which makes a bi ...

g difference. They will push you to your limits and help you accomplish what you thought was impossible. We have access to the Macs in the lab from 8-10 6 days a week, which is of big help to us. Overall Experience: The campus will help you with a lot, and you can always count on someone to give you helpful criticism and help you find creative ways to solve problems.

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Show My Passion
Miriam Melanson, Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion
I was 15 years old when I decided I want to become a fashion designer. After high school I ...

went to Kwantlen Polytechnic University and completed a degree in Fashion Design and Technology. Upon graduation I spent most of my energy developing my collection of clothing and accessories for my line, Flaming Angels. Flaming Angels is just about to turn 13 years old. My speciality is alternative street-wear and custom special occasion apparel. I have always enjoyed working in a team environment. While I was getting established in the local industry, I took on many interns as assistants. Teaching seemed like a natural transition from training others in my field. I also really enjoy the learning and school environment. I continued to study and develop my skills, learning new techniques to make clothing. I encourage my students and create a nurturing learning environment by being patient, knowledgeable and ready to share. We keep the discussion going in class, encouraging a dedication and passion for fashion. I tell students about the research I am doing, projects I am participating in and encourage them to get out into the world and experience the industry for themselves. I feel it is essential to the learning environment to show your own passion for your field, and your area of expertise. The energy is contagious, focusing and positive. And productive energy output creates a fun learning experience for everyone.

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Share My Love
Mark DenBoer, Graphic Design
I have been teaching graphic and web design for 12 years now -- working as a graphic design ...

er for over 22 years. I have worked as an art director for advertising agencies and individual companies, and as a contract/freelance graphic designer, providing everything from corporate and product identity systems to promotion for performance industries to package and web design. I also did a 4 year program in visual communications at Alberta College of Art, as well as studying computing science for most of my life. I began teaching part-time as a way of supplementing my income as a designer, thinking that it would not only provide steady work but also provide an opportunity to hone my own skills and share the wealth of knowledge I have learned over my career as a designer. From there, I simply fell into teaching as if it were second nature, discovering that it brings to bear everything I have learned. There is a natural result of teaching to bring together cumulative knowledge and provide real insight that can be passed on to the next generation of designers. My inspiration comes from the infectious excitement for curiosity and creativity that is built into every fiber of the human condition. The trick to inspiring students is to unabashedly demonstrate your own zeal for discovery and the wonder for the creative process. Fun is the very definition of finding something you truly love and enjoy anew every day -- it is also the essential ingredient in learning. When students are having fun discovering, exploring and experimenting, I know I have done my job.

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Share My Expertise
Sherwin Ruiz, Interior Design
I have 18 years of experience in Architecture/Interior Design and Exhibition Design. I pur ...

sued a teaching career because I want to share my global experience with students, and show different kinds of designs from abroad. I inspire my students by showing them my work, allowing my boss to speak and motivate them, and by showing all the short-cuts ad effective ways of 3D commands.

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Relevant Learning
Marion Webber, Interior Design
I, Marion Webber, have been in the creative industries for over 30 years. I built a success ...

ful graphics/advertising firm, winning awards for corporate collateral campaigns. I also have a management consulting background. Over the last decade I have resurrected my fine arts background. With this trio of training and experience, I teach practical, useable and relevant learning to applied arts students. Since I was 7 years old, I have taught or informed others in creative and business disciplines. I love helping people understand and encourage them to express their unique gifts in whatever creative vocation suites them. I inspire my students by bringing a wealth of real world experience in both creative thinking for the arts and business needs. I am also very compassionate and mentor to help students overcome fear and insecurity.

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