At VCAD, we are committed to helping you achieve professional success. That includes giving you the tools, training, and support you need to develop your skills and create a professional portfolio that showcases your unique and creative talent.

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Being a student at VCAD is not just about training. You'll also be trying new things, meeting new people, and challenging yourself in many ways. Student Services is here to help.


The Student Services department offers advisors to assist with all student-related enquiries, support, and resources, as well as guide you during your program.


Student Services can help you with academic support and tutoring, getting involved with events on campus, and other issues.


Advisors can also help you with housing. These services include helping you find a place to live, providing information about housing options, finding roommates, and more.


As a VCAD student, you are welcome to stop by Student Services any time you need to. Appointments are not necessary. However, you can set up an appointment by email, in person, or at the VCAD reception.


Contact your Student Services Coordinator through email or in person.


For information on student dispute resolution, you can view the policy here.

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