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You love to draw. Or design. Or create. Chances are you are pretty good at it too. Whatever your creative passion, VCAD exists to help you turn your innate talent and artistic vision into marketable skills that will enable you to thrive in today’s hottest industries. Though your personal journey toward a rewarding creative career begins with your application to study at VCAD, we have been laying the foundation for your success for more than 35 years. We are proud of our rich history and tradition of helping artists and visionaries like you enhance their creative passion.

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Welcome to the Visual College of Art and Design! VCAD began as a branch of the Victoria College of Art and Design, which  has taught artists and imaginative people to follow their creative passions for more than 35 years. Building on these creative roots, VCAD has rapidly grown into its own innovative and dynamic college of creative applied arts, independent of its progenitor and with locations in Vancouver and Calgary. VCAD's Art and Design diploma programs cover the fashion, graphic and web design, interior design, and animation industries.

The constant evolution of digital design leads employers within the industry to continually seek out the best-trained candidates for the job. Our Applied Arts curriculum has been developed to ensure that our graduates are successful in meeting the employment requirements of these industries. VCAD maintains close ties with the fashion, graphic design, and video gaming industries to continually assess our curriculum and gain insight about industry needs.

We know that employers want graduates that are knowledgeable about their field and possess the most up-to-date technical skills. Our students receive focused and specialized training on the tools, techniques, and technology used in their chosen career field. They work on intense deadline-driven projects that will prepare them for the challenges they'll face on the job. By the end of their studies, graduates will have developed the expertise needed to create a professional portfolio that showcases their creativity and talent while displaying the skill set that employers look for.

Explore the diverse, career-focused Applied Arts curriculum offered by the Visual College of Art and Design. Choose a creative career path that not only suits you, but puts you in a position to realize your dreams!  Complete the Request Info form above to talk with an admissions representative or apply online to get started today.

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