Annual Calgary Artwalk Featuring Rawry & Pohly at The Gallery


02, 2020
Annual Calgary Artwalk Featuring Rawry & Pohly at The Gallery

The Calgary Artwalk – a free, annual festival designed with the intent of Calgarians experiencing a wide range of visual art across the city – held its 37th annual event on September 19 and 20. Featuring dozens of artists, galleries, exhibitions, workshops, and more, the Calgary Artwalk is now live across the city. Learn more about the Calgary Artwalk here.

This year, VCAD Calgary’s Gallery was open to the public as local artists, Rawry and Pohly, featured their animated artwork in our gallery.

“Our work is about rediscovering yourself and celebrating your inner child,” says Kevin from Rawry and Pohly. “We want people to experience the nostalgia of their youth and connect with our art in a fun and inspirational way.”

For the launch of their art exhibition, Rawry and Pohly revealed a sculpture piece, Hazardous Thoughts, which portrayed a metal barrel full of colourful balls. Signs were depicted everywhere that this piece could not be touched, even though the piece was designed with the intent to provoke temptation and desire to open the barrel and release the balls.

With the intended emotions of temptation and desire, Hazardous Thoughts symbolizes the critical and thoughtful behaviour we are obligated to abide by as adults, but how our “inner child” wants us to live care-free and push boundaries.  

In addition to this featured sculpture piece, Rawry and Pohly had a number of pieces on display, including their colourful collection of animated characters and animals with realistic props and materials. These paintings and prints juxtapose the normality of civilized and mundane adulthood with fun and comedic relief that “celebrates our inner child”.

As we save the best news for last… Rawry and Pohly’s exhibit will be featured in VCAD Calgary’s Gallery until December 31, 2020! Make sure to come and check out their fun and witty artwork anytime from now until the end of the year. Learn more about Rawry and Pohly at The Gallery.

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