An Insider's Look at Game Development and Design


09, 2021
An Insider's Look at Game Development and Design

Have you ever wondered what a Game Development and Design program entails? Here's an exclusive insider look into the Game Development and Design program at VCAD. This 72-week program enriches students with a foundation in technical and artistic skills, including storytelling, game design, gameplay, modeling, and animation techniques.

“I specialize in dynamic effects – the fire, the explosions, water simulations – anything you can’t replicate in real life,” says Garett, Game Development and Design grad. “Finishing my demo reel… it’s the most pride I’ve ever had in something I’ve done.”

Like many other graduates, Garett completed the Game Development and Design program and learned how to build thoughtfully crafted environments, imaginative characters, realistic special effects, and other interactive and immersive experiences in game design.

As a graduate of the program, you will be prepared to work in a variety of CGI-based industries such as computer animation studios, game development companies, and post-production, and special effects studios.

“The fact that I can enter the industry with instructors who are already in the industry, is pretty amazing to me,” says Stephanie, Game Development and Design graduate. “I definitely jumped at the opportunity.”

In VCAD’s Game Development and Design program, you will receive extensive theory and practical skills training, including building a professional portfolio to showcase to future employers. Plus, receive feedback from your industry-experienced instructors on concept sketches, computer-generated images, 3D models, environments you create, and much more.

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