Volunteer in Vancouver

Volunteering is a great way to gain work experience, build your professional network, and make new friends. While arts organizations are great places to volunteer, don't overlook other types of nonprofits who may be able to put your creative skills to use in a variety of ways.

Study On Campus

Make the most of your time at VCAD by volunteering. Give some of your time and energy to a good cause or organization and you can make a positive difference in the world and gain valuable experience.

There are many opportunities to contribute to groups involved in Vancouver’s vibrant arts and culture community. Get in touch with high-profile organizations such as the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Arts Club Theatre, or Arts Umbrella to find out how you can support the arts.

If there are other causes or issues that are meaningful to you, consider volunteering for one of the many organizations in Vancouver that are doing work in homelessness, health, education, and many other areas.

Volunteering on a regular basis can help you build skills and experience that will complement what you learn in your VCAD program. Yes, volunteer experience can look good on your resume, but it can also be a rewarding way to share your passion for art and design.

To learn more about how you can find volunteer opportunities, contact the VCAD Student Services department.