Studying at VCAD isn’t just about getting the training you need to start your career. It’s also a valuable opportunity to develop leadership skills and make a positive impact on people’s lives. If you’re looking to get involved in VCAD outside of the classroom, you should consider becoming part of the Student Association team.

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You can gain leadership experience and help your fellow students by joining the Student Association team.

VCAD Student Association members are a vital link between current and future students, campus officials, and the community.


Key duties include supporting students and building engagement on campus, contributing to the success of campus and community events, participating in regular meetings, and more.


As a Student Association member, you can receive a letter of recommendation, get school swag, network with people from other VCAD programs, and – of course – have fun! 


If you are a committed student, have a positive attitude, and are good at working with people, you can join the Student Association team.


To become a member, submit the application form to the Student Services Department.

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