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Londinium Building

Londinium is a building management property rebrand project from London building, located in downtown, Vancouver. The concept of Londonium is a privileged luxury home being in the middle of the city, where everything is conveniently placed, but also surrounded by beautiful nature for a balanced city-natural life.

Mello Bubbles

Mello bubbles is a natural winery, where they use fruits grown and harvested in British Columbia, Canada. Bottled without any added input. Each has its unique flavours from the different mixture of fruits that will give you slow and mellow happiness. The bottles have a different concept of “Ideas”. An idea can be about what’s about to happen or can be an idea of memories or imaginations that might be different from one another.


Baton is an active-wear studio targeting active or wanna-be active people, either physically or mentally. The concept of Baton is a friendly community multi-shop involving exercises. Baton has different kinds of gears for everybody, regardless of where it is performed—indoor or outdoor. Each abstract shape of the logo represents various sports that are combined in one place.


Mo is a hair care product company that uses nature-based ingredients as much as possible. Mo believes that every hair was born beautiful and it just needs a little bit of touch of love and care. Mo was inspired by the organic shapes of hair and its unity. Each product line represents Mo’s interpretation of geometric patterns from hair shape.


TypeCon is an annual convention for typography enthusiasts, taking place in different states in America. The concept for the submission from this project is “Graduation & Free time Manual" (Things we can do now). “Free time Manual” is not only for after school but after Pandemic in 2020 from COVID-19.