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Squares on Squares - Clothing Line

I wanted to create a collection that took inspiration from city fashion with road trip influences. The idea for this collection came to me when I was planning a road trip to British Columbia where I was excited to relax and be comfortable, but still look put together and stylish.

Clarity Magazine

MY goal with this project was to create a clear and concise magazine that had continuity within. The layout took inspiration from simplistic online blogs. All the picture borders are the same pink. The text box colours are pulled from images within the corresponding pieces. I ended up not only enjoying the designing process but the writing portion as well.

Wilderness Chic Photoshoot

The inspiration for this photoshoot came along the same lines to me as my clothing collection did. I was in the midst of planning a camping trip but holding on to an admiration for classy and sophisticated clothing. I could not think of a better idea than to mix the two scenarios together. I dressed my model up in three classy and sophisticated outfits and we went to a forest to make these powerful shots happen.