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Creation Sans

Creation Sans is a display font that has a geometric playfulness in its layout while shows consistency and sophisticated fashion in its construction. The inspiration came from the word - to create. The act of making, inventing, or producing; similar to the process of a graphic designer transforming a concept or a creative idea into reality. And the name Creation Sans comes from there. This font provides typography support for lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuations. It can be used in logos, publishing, entertainment, games, corporate identity, and screen designs.


There are publications about architectures, there are publications about material use, but there are not many talks about both in one. All contents curated in this publication offer insights to architecture lovers and designers in similar fields. Presents a list of the world’s most famous constructions in human history, combining an overview of the most innovative building materials with the use of long-standing traditional craft techniques, which the architects had to demonstrate greater formal modesty to their demanding clients while remaining true to their aesthetic ideals. NOVATE publication issues two volumes duo-annually in a collector edition set.

YA, a child-brand designed for David's Tea that includes packaging, branding and illustration design. There was an opportunity to imagine a new identity and branding for David’s Tea. This company is mainly focused on making tea fun, and makes it accessible to younger generations. Currently, the company has the potential to grow over 500 stores in the North American market. Since the history of tea dates back to ancient China almost 5000 years ago, the purpose of creating a child-brand for the company would allow them to expand its market growth in the Asian clientele.

Reggio's Rainbow

Reggio’s Rainbow main concept is to provide a positive and fun environment where children can explore and express their inner-self by drawing, words, painting. This is a place where they may think freely while staying curious in learning different contexts and develop their personality as they grow. The design solution is to combine the playfulness and professional-looking yet stay sophisticated in visual identity to showcase the concept and tone of voice of Reggio’s Rainbow, and differentiates this daycare company from its competitors in Vancouver and Burnaby areas.

Regional Animal Protection Society

The Regional Animal Protection Society is a non-profit organization specializing in its commitment to the “NO-KILL” animal care program. Due to the nature of a charity association, the Regional Animal Protection Society is heavily reliant on volunteers and a small group of staff for daily operation and brand maintenance. As the organization expands into different segments and offers more services to the local communities, there is an opportunity to focus more on a functional yet visually distinctive design that would apply in all of its applications to improve on the lack of brand maintenance and its consistency.