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Lunar Restaurant

Lunar is a lively and casual restaurant that serves Chinese fusion cuisine located in Vancouver, BC within the Mount Pleasant Community. Lunar is inspired by the Chinese Moon Festival leading to the concept of the moon. The roundness of the moon symbolizes peace, harmony, and family reunion. The goal of Lunar is to create a comfortable feeling where guests can share their stories and time with each other and forming a sense of unity and belongingness to the space. Circles and curves are used throughout the design of Lunar to represent the movement and flow of Lunar's open space dining experience.

Nike Concept Store

Nike is a global brand that is known for its athletic footwear, its simple yet recognizable logo, and its slogan “Just Do It.” This Nike concept store is situated in the most diverse neighbourhood of the Flatiron District of New York City. Inspired by Nike’s “swoosh” logo, which symbolizes the sound of speed and motion. The concept of movement will be incorporated into this store design by using different forms and elements that represent movement and flow. Since the Nike logo is positioned precisely at an angle of 23.5 degrees, angled elements and lines are included in the design to reinforce the power of the “swoosh.”

InMood Office

Inspired by the four changing seasons of nature, InMood’s design concept revolves around leaves. During the changing seasons, the shape and colour of leaves change gradually as well as life expectancy. However, with its ability to rebirth into another season, it creates an ability to renew itself and adapt to new changes and challenges. The design of InMood is to create a warm and refreshed atmosphere as if you were experiencing nature and its changing seasons while walking through the office space.

The Alpine Eco House

The Alpine Eco House is located in a small traffic-free village called Gimmelwald in Switzerland and is inspired by the landscapes of the Swiss Alps. The goal of the Alpine Eco House is to create a simple, quiet, and sustainable atmosphere for residents. The overall space will opt for a clean and contemporary style interior. Using the geometry that resembles the Swiss Alps, steep arches will be used in the overall roof design of the exterior. This is to create a higher ceiling height to the space and a more spacious atmosphere for residents living there. Different elements such as the use of self- generating energy and the reuse of water are important factors when building the eco house. Other elements including sheep wool and passive low-E windows are considered. An indoor greenhouse built within the resident allows for the growth of fresh local greens.