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Space Monkey - Smoothie Branding Design

This is a New Smoothie Brand Named Space Monkey. Space Monkey is inspired by the experiment of the First Monkey and Apes in Space. In 1949, Albert II, a male rhesus monkey, was the first monkey to make it to space. Hence, Space Monkey is a smoothie/ juice company inspired on space travel, monkeys and their love for bananas. In addition, humans have been wanting to travel in space because it is in human nature to explore what surrounds us. Although Albert didn’t survive the real experiment, our monkey survived and found his favourite banana in my story.

L'Oréal Kids Bath Set - Packaging Design

L'Oréal kid bath set is designed for L'Oréal’s next generation of consumers: kids. The idea behind this packaging design is to use colours and illustrations to catch the audience’s eyes. Because, kids want to learn and grow up, and sometimes they do not want to be treated as kids, the design uses clean instead of using cute fonts. Besides, Kids bath sets usually have cartoon characters or a plain design on the packaging. The design idea behind L'Oréal kids bath set is about treating kids like adults, and give them options so they can find who they are and what they like.

Seattle Aquarium - Branding, UI/UX Design

The aquarium is always a fun place to visit with family and friends. However, few aquariums provide an application for customers to learn more about sea life and track the schedules of the live shows they want to attend. This application is also good for children to learn about sea life.

Ticket Box - Branding, UI/UX Design

Ticket Box is an online ticket selling website aimed at providing several different types of tickets to our customers, such as tickets of movie, sports, concerts and other events. The goal is to build a modern, multifunctional, and convenient website. The website provides logical content and responsive interface on multi-platform.

Zen Lamp - Branding, UI/UX, Product Design

Zen Lamp is a home accessory and decoration which provide the user with a sense of vintage style by combining eastern and western elements through its design. Zen Lamp is made of glass and acrylic materials, which makes the style feel calm and clean.