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Product Photography

Coloured photographs taken for advertisements and personal projects.

Branding: P.A.W.S.

Branding project P.A.W.S. (Providing Animals with Shelter)

Branding Projects

Various branding projects.

Branding: Moonshine

Branding project for Moonshine Oolong Tea.


Illustrations created with Procreate.


Black and White photography.

Colour Your Life

This project was done for my advertisement 2 class, assignment 4. My inspiration for these piece was based on retro comics (ex. Archie) and the retro pin-up aesthetic.

Elf Girl

This is a sketch done that I’ve coloured digitally on Procreate. This piece was created to practice light theory and how shadows look on the face with certain lighting.

Twitch Emotes pt. 1

Twitch Emotes created for my Twitch.

Twitch Emotes pt. 2

Twitch Emotes sketched, and coloured with procreate. This is a personal project.

Girl with the Gun

This was a practice sketch done on my personal time.


Don is a personal project my friend commissioned.

Sketch- Wink

This is a daily sketch done for my personal growth.

Glass Cup

This assignment was drawn for drawing theory class.

The Fruit Platter

This drawing was done for drawing class. The assignment required the students to recreate a famous piece of art.


This photo was taken for my advertising 2 class, assignment 2.


Kiwi was taken for my photography class.

The Black Bar

This photo was taken for my photography class.

Shadow Series

These photos were taken for my photography class.

The Hand and the Cup

This photo was taken for my photography class

Master Hand

This photo was taken for my photography class.


This photo was taken for photography class.


This photo was taken for my photography class.