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Claimed is a conceptual company specializing in an online fashion marketplace for people to buy and sell from each other. The idea for Claimed was designed with social media and online shopping in mind, and it is this ability to connect to anyone through a screen that is able to target Claimed as a global community. The brand name derives from the idea of owning something and “calling dibs” before anyone else. When you want something, you do what you can to claim it. The brand’s message of “re-use” can be seen throughout the visual texture of crumpled paper. Although something might be used or worn in, it can always find new life in a new home.

Impossible Objects

The purpose behind this project was to create ads for a fictional art exhibit coming to vancouver. The concept for the project comes from illusions and “impossible geometry” objects such as the penrose triangle. This concept for the art exhibit looks into the idea of the illusions in our own life - relating each drawn object to a body part or concept of our being. Ads shown include : the cage / maze - the mind the dual boxes - the heart the infinity triangle - the stomach the rectangle - the ears the hexagon - the eyes the connection - the hands


In recent years emotional and mental health have started to come to the forefront of discussion in all forms of media. Although this might be the case, youth are still afraid to speak out about how they feel in fear of being alienated. Farfetched’s purpose is to let everyone know, that they are not alone. Farfetched is a conceptual lifestyle brand that produces a bi-monthly publication focusing on emotions within youth culture through poetry.The styling of the publication is contemporary and leads with the serif logomark. The design of each spread is consistent with a poem that relates to the theme of the month. These poems are paired with a photo that evokes the same energy and emotion as the poem. poetry by R.H SIN