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Completed conceptual magazine branding, focused broadly centered around various underground cultures online, with every issue focusing in on a different “section” of the internet—one about small video game communities; another about fanfiction websites.


Conceptual rebrand for Fortune Sound Club, a nightclub established in 2009 located in Chinatown, Vancouver, BC. Fortune’s history on Chinatown should not be overlooked, and the rebrand reflects its decade-long journey to become one of Vancouver’s greatest clubs. The kitschy Maneki-neko cat and the Chinese coins (both representing luck, or fortune) feature prominently in promotional materials, and retain the sleek nature of the venue while also refreshing visuals maintained from Fortune’s older selections of electronic music to the combination of rap, R&B, and indie pop that it sees more numbers from these days.


An alcoholic beverage manufactured in Canada with the intent to balance as little alcoholic content in it as possible (often referred to as an alcopop). The drink comes in three variants—Peach Belini, Pink Lady, and Sangria, and it comes in both individual cans as well as a 12-pack of cans.


Sensory Overload 3: Nemesis is the third in a series of Halloween mixes, released annually by electronic artist Boocanan, each 30 minutes in length and focusing on songs with distinctly loud and abrasive tones and energy. Bits & Pieces is a frequently updating companion piece of mashups, demos, and songs normally exclusive to Boocanan’s mixes, but are afterwards collected and added to this album’s tracklist; the longer the album stays up, the longer it lasts.