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Estrella Fugaz

A shooting star is a line of light stretching across the sky. Giving a nod to the Cuban Spanish residents of Florida the name of this project, Estrella fugaz, in Spanish means shooting star. It is through this inspiration that all elements that relate to line and are incorporated in the house design and all its interior details. This summer house is located in Miami Beach and is designed for a couple who enjoys the night view and the stars. The vision is brought to life by creating a dark atmosphere all over the house through natural materials including concrete, wood and stones. The concept of a shooting star is best represented by the lighting used in throughout both interior and exterior spaces. Led lighting is used for the ceiling and the flooring. Additionally, this house also has windows from floor to ceiling which gives the residents unobstructed views of the outside to enjoy the Miami sun during the day, and a glimpse of the stars at night.

canada national bank

A composition of red, blue and yellow, represents the Dutch De Stiji movement. The interior space follow the line movement contoured by black outlines. Indicating easy wayfinding to banking services and products. Simple clean directions and design criteria, embodies the total concept. The red, blue and yellow colors were used in the furniture of the space and for the partition walls of the privet booth, if you have a look at the top view you can see the Piet Mondrian painting all over the floor plan and that’s how I wanted to show this concept in this project


commercial design

under the sea

hospitality design