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Doran Early Childhood Education Centre

Doran is an early childhood education center. The clients are the teachers and trainers who are interested in working with children. These people are 20-40-year-olds wanting to learn about new teaching methods. Because Doran is a new startup, it needs to communicate its new teaching methods to their audience. As a result, their branding should be eye-catching enough to spark the curiosity of people and get them to visit the website. The logo uses the infinity sign concept to show that education never ends, as it is a continuous journey. The pattern uses organic elements such as birds, pets, and abstract circular lines.

Bouban Handmade Soap

Bouban handmade soap is a unique handmade soap that emphasizes freshness and naturalness. Bouban produces different kinds of soaps on the base of different benefits of plants, and it makes cosmetics and shampoos, as well. Bouban emphasizes on the environment and supports it by its products. For instance, one of the packagings is made by a unique fabric that the clients can use them as a washcloth in the bathroom. The other thing is about animals who are supported by Bouban. Bouban fights against animal testing and 100 percent are vegetarian and make a specific soap that calls it “earth” to protect some specific species of animal which they live in Iran. The targeted audiences are the people between 25 to 50.

Kamran Safari Photography

Kamran Safari is one of the talented photographers who work in different fields of photography such as industry, architecture, and artworks. He wants a new and memorable logo because he has various types of clients. The main problem is that there are lots of photographers like Kamran. For design, the shape of “K” that is the first letter of Kamran was used and made it like the crown to show the power of Kamran`s photography. Besides the branding for Kamran, The magazine whose name is INPHOTO is designed, as well. It is a magazine for photographers and the targeted audiences are the people between 25 to 50.

Regina Leather

Regina is a leather and shoe company that emphasizes beauty and style. Regina produces different kinds of bags and shoes on the base of different tastes and styles. The clients are the people who enjoy having a good style and always in fashion. They care about their style and trends and want to be modern. The main problem is that there are lots of businesses like Regina that make leather, so there are many designs. For the design, The shape of the R in Regina is used to create an exclusive looking logo. It let the audience to widen their mind and think about different opportunities and different bags and shoes. The new identity had to reflect these ideas. The targeted audiences are the people between 25 to 70.

Pizza 123

Pizza 123 is a small family-owned and operated business that proudly servers Pizza in Port Coquitlam and Pizza Delivery in Coquitlam since 1998 and they truly appreciate the local neighborhood support. The branding and the design for Pizza 123 were intended to create a fun and inviting environment. Colors were based on some ingredients of pizza and ads were photographed and illustrate to showcase its freshness, with bright colors to stand out. The target audience for Pizza 123 is the middle class, people ages 10 - 50 with a busy lifestyle short lunch hour. They enjoy fast, efficient, and good quality food. Also, they love supporting small businesses.