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Dental Office

Fun and Vibrant dental office located in Burnaby B.C. Spa-like Environment. Simplicity defines Elegance -- that is the theme that drove the foundation of Interior Designer Stephanie Rae Panganiban. To be bright, inviting, warm and comfortable.

Gaming Studio

Tagline: "Gamers never die". Very High-tech room and high-tech acoustic panels to soundproof the studio. The starlight ceiling lighting will enhance the mood during streaming. Four 34 inches computer monitor to expand screening time facing the Science fiction inspired hexagon panels with RGB LED Lights. Perfect room to escape reality and enter a speculative world.

Environmental design

This modern Tiny house was designed with the idea of living outdoors. It is a sustainable home with a composting toilet, rain water catch systems, and triple-pane windows for high efficiency. The Tiny house was also crafted keeping minimalism in mind, making use of natural daylight to save energy.


Inspired by the famous movie, Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Welcome to Circuit cafe. We are designers who cares a lot about our coffee and loves brunch as well, it was a lot of fun when we designed this bistro. We want to create that "wow" factor feeling when you enter the place and also they serves damn good food to nice people everyday.

Tiffany and Co. Proposal

The Tiffany & Co jewelry store designed by Stephanie Rae. It is known for it’s captivating jewelry, cultural representation and to represent love for yourself. The interior design’s main focus was on functionality, the idea being to offer suitable exhibition spaces, but a lot of importance was also given to finding a design direction aimed at attracting both female and male costumers. It went for maximum efficiency in terms of lighting and showcasing of the products and were successful in integrating these elements into a very inviting space with a pleasant ambiance overall.