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Meoq is a skateboard clothing brand. Its1960s inspiration creating bright and colourful psychedelic designs, lively illustrations, and patterns set it apart from other brands. As Meoq is new, the company needs to gain recognition and attract customers. By putting a new twist of design on traditional skate wear, Meoq opens a new perspective on skateboarding. Many teenagers who feel connected to the hippy era while expressing themselves through skateboarding, could benefit from Meoq and their offerings.

My Own Collection

My Own Collection is a bohemian clothing store that is made for people that express they are beyond mainstream. As My Own Collection is located in a small town known as Quesnel, BC, choices can be limiting for clothing in Quesnel. The store carries a wide variety of different clothing pieces that changes by season, leaving many options available while shopping any time of year. The rebrand is inspired by the unique patterns and designs featured in the products that are available in the store. Consisting of intricate patterns and natural toned colours. Which allows it to be connected to the business on a personal level.

Highgear 110

Highgear 110 is a new energy drink brand that brings vector illustrated art to create an edge thrilling atmosphere. It offers exciting and thrilling tastes that correlate to the can art. As there is many energy drinks available, there is brands with a higher recognition. By creating illustrations based off the specific target audience, bikers that enjoy joy rides and road trips, it creates a feeling that the drink is being catered towards them.

Oddities Ink

Oddities Ink is a new tattoo studio that targets people that want abnormal tattoos. Oddities Ink showcases unique vector illustrated art based in the branding of the human anatomy. It creates a relationship with Oddities Ink as the understanding of the human body is a key factor in the tattoo world.

Free Sole Magazine

Free Sole Magazine is a new publication that offers fun and exciting articles and layouts by its sensational photogrpahy and its in-depth articles that benefit the reader. As there is many magazines about fashion and skateboarding, there is very few that offer skate shoe fashion. By creating Free Sole Magazine, it brings a fresh magazine with articles and bright colourful photography. Showcasing a new and different magazine that brings a new audience.