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Cloak and Dagger

This document is a snapshot of one of my Game Documents, highlighting how I chose to approach designing a game with a focus on diagetic UI Please find attached a link to view

Legend of Symphia

This Game Document snapshot is a highlight surrounding a combat system I designed. I took an Action-RPG combat system and infused rhythm game elements into it, where players will need to time their inputs to create 'phrases' and build combo. Each weapon has an instrument associated with it, as well as utilizing unique time signatures to further sell the mechanic. Please find the document at the link below:

Skull Castle Diorama

This environment is modeled to be a diorama of a castle featuring a skull, all fitting neatly in a decorative box.


This tool was created to speed up the process of assigning basic materials for the purpose of creating texture sets.

Illustrative Work

Illustrations and drawings I've made. Contents range from Life Drawing work to finished illustrations.


Here are works relating to Storyboarding and Animation

City Scapers

City Scapers is a card game where players take on the role of Developers and work towards building their tower to the requisite height. The industry is a cut-throat one though, as due to budget cuts the city can only afford to pay for the best quality tower. Players will have to be sly and sabotage their neighbors to come out on top- or at least be well prepared.

Ceremonial Pokeball

A ceremonial pokeball sitting pleasantly in some tall grass.

Kitchen Knife

This is a recreation of a Knife that I received as a gift.