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Floating Home

This residential floating home project focuses primarily on giving future homeowners a comfortable, open, and fun home that relates back to the environment it is surrounded by, letting lots of natural light poor into the space along with a nana wall that will transform the inside space outwards. The house will consist of cool toned materials,fabrics, and finishes, along with bringing in lots of greenery brightening the space up making it cozy and comfortable to live so you really feel like you are on the water. This home features one large master bedroom with large windows and plenty of storage, one office space that is within the bedroom and can be used as a quiet work area, two lofts for double sized beds that are tucked up and out of the way, one and a half bathrooms giving the owners privacy, a kitchen, a dining room, an entertainment room, and two decks designed to be hospitable, connected, and open so you can be essentially anywhere and never feel disconnected.

Ocean's Blue Office

This Office Design Concept consists of Biophilic Design bringing in some natural elements such as steel, glass, wood, and concrete while maintaining comfortability. Our intent is to give employees a more relaxed work environment while keeping them on task and in a productive state of mind, making it more efficient and more pleasant to show up to work, stay, and get the job done! The reflection of the design of this space was inspired by water and its involvement with nature. This design consists of greenery, mixed with neutral tones and an open, airy feel consisting of large windows, outdoor work space for optional use, and a non-structured arrangement of furniture for easy transformation once the design is finished. I wanted to focus on the lighting, the comfort, and how people flow through the space efficiently.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade is commonly known for her simplistic, and unique colorful style with the design of her products, from handbags, clothing, jewelry, eye wear, fragrances, and footwear, along with an entire line of home decor items such as desks, chairs, and table lamps. We have set out to execute this project throughout the space adding playful sophistication, and incandescent charm, while encouraging women to live colorfully and to continue to feel young as Kate Spade intended. When you enter the store you immediately feel a grand allegiance toward the space using iconic Kate Spade colors, stripes, and dots, drawing you further towards more product. We have decided to group items such as glasses, hand bags, and purses to make shopping for a specific item easier which will result in our guests being happier, and given more time to browse more product, potentially leading to more sales.

On The Rocks Bar and Grill

The design of this restaurant focuses on bringing in local materials such as stone and wood from surrounding areas within the Rocky Mountains along with using lots of greenery and shrubbery overlapping these materials for a perfect aesthetic relating back to the land this location sits on. Serving Alberta raised meat, and local craft beers from all over Western Canada this restaurant will be one to visit next time you are in Banff! The family friendly bar and grill is meant to hold both large to small groups of people producing many different dining styles whether you are enjoying it around the bar, on the patio, or at a banquette, you will be surrounded by the natural, hard, elements of the rocky mountains.