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Biigan Sushi House

A vegan sushi restaurant in the heart of Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. A design inspired by the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic; to find beauty in every flaw, imperfections are that of which to be treasured. Simplicity and elegance are intertwined in an honest, zen space, brutalist elements mixed with round and curved shapes.Playing with light and shadow, using textured glass partitions as an ode to traditional shoji screens. Solid wood furniture in different tones adds warmth and grounds the space. A raw sense of tranquility will inspire those who spend time here.

Reformation Concept Store

A sustainable clothing store located in the heart of Tokyo's Harajuku district. A design focused on the concept of movement in nature. Creating a space where nothing feels stagnant by using leading lines which guide the eye. Organic shapes reminiscent of rocks are scattered across the floor. Wooden slat shelving inspired by fencing creates paths through the space. Natural finishes will allow the clothing to be centre of attention, while completely immersing the customer in the environment.

Desert Office

A furniture design office and studio that is looking for a welcoming space to highlight their colourful, Mexican inspired line of furniture. An ideal work environment for employees from a variety of different backgrounds, focusing on sustainability for the wellness and longevity of the company. Curating a space rich in texture and detail, finding a balance between the old and the new. In order to exist in a rapidly changing and shifting world means to be adaptable and always creating space for growth. The fluidity of the seasons brings new life, as well as the end of some.

Coastal Crown Home

Located on the sunshine coast, a comtemporary spin on the traditional yurt, utilizing a round shape which allows light from all directions. The size and shape lend themselves perfectly to a solitary resident, a step away from the historical communal living of yurts. Bright and natural colours are used throughout the space, which pop in the abundance of natural light. Rounded forms are soft to the eye, built-in pieces give the home an almost cave-like appearance.