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Rogers Aquatics

Rogers Aquatic was in great need of a rebranding. The original logo looked to have been created in Microsoft paint and uses the automatic blue color that comes with the program. My idea is to create an advertising campaign built around increasing the adoption of new animals in the store. This will give customers a more open understanding of what the store provides, as well as give animals a loving home. I will also be creating a website/app that will be dedicated to teaching beginners how to properly care, for fish and aquarium plants. The store will also need some new boxing, bagging, and print-out receipts. Rogers Aquatic is also planing on shipping live plants and animals to their customers. So I will be creating thank you letters and shipping boxes for the store.

Oughta Mobile Study app

Oughta is a mobile study app/story game for kids and teens who have a hard time studying and staying focused. A lot of kids have a hard time studying and need a little help. This app collects points through a study timer. The more points you collect the more story gets unlocked and the more things you can buy for your pet. kids and teens who have a hard time studying and staying focused.

VCAD Posters

VCAD fashion design, Advertisement Poster. It’s time to follow your dream's campaign. This campaign is meant to inspire people who feel small or scared about following their artistic dreams.