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Correlation Publication

A conceptual lifestyle magazine focused on bringing people together by combining topics such as home, work, play, travel, community, and food. Released quarterly, each volume is themed and has a consistent flow throughout directly relating to that season’s upcoming trends. The word Correlation means a mutual relationship or connection between two or more things. The top priority is to maintain and portray consistency within the identity and publication itself. The styling of this magazine incorporates strong white space, well-treated typography, grids and quality photography, all aspects working with the type to pull each page together. Released quarterly, each volume is themed and has a consistent flow throughout, directly relating to that season’s upcoming trends.

Helsinki Tourism Posters

Designed as keepsakes for Finland’s visitors, a series of three posters were created to highlight Helsinki’s main tourist attractions. The intention behind these posters is to provide a visual reminder of the unique and unforgettable experience given while visiting. Using each location to create a sense of nostalgia and excitement. These posters would be placed publicly in airports and popular tourist gathering spots throughout Helsinki as well as in homes globally as a reminder of recent or past travels to this appealing city.

Danish Lunch

An annual event bringing together the Roundhouse community to celebrate and connect through the special Danish tradition of Christmas Lunch. Danish Lunch’s priority is creating an event brand that portrays the promise of an enjoyable well thought out experience. Connecting people through Hygge- a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being, naturally enjoying the simple things in life conceptualized through direct Danish history. By using traditional Royal Copenhagen Plates for inspiration the styling incorporates direct colours, illustration and patterning from the heritage plates. The design choices enhance the tradition, implying them as a way to “get back to their roots”.

Ampersand Gin Bottles

Locally made Ampersand Gin is based out of Vancouver Island. These labels made for three different flavours of gin, are all inspired by and directly designed from photographs taken with Canadian West Coast aesthetic. The cheerful, abstract labels stand out on the shelf thus drawing in consumers with a keen eye for creativity, and balance, and leading them to a brand that speaks to their values. The packaging alone portrays an eye for excellence, encouraging the customers to be confident that the product is quality and worth the change.