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A conceptual company Oliváceo seeks to capitalize on the classic vintage vibe of today’s Olive Oil/Tapenade industry with its six subtle infused flavours. Oliváceo will connect to an active population of North America seeking authenticity and old style craftsmanship mashed with their continental connection. The classical and modern style manages to portray a feeling of vintage ceaselessness while maintaining a distinction of trust through characteristics of flavours. A clean and crisp minimalist approach is taken for the product branding in order to convey the vibe quickly and swiftly. Oliváceo products will be sold in every retail and wholesale store.

RIḤLA — far & away

RIḤLA A fictitious magazine Rihla (voyage) designed to inform and entertain people who love to travel and engage with the world’s most famous cities. The styling of the magazine is kept simple and is lead by inverting the page title -Typeface- colour relative to the background in a black text box. The design is consistent with its typography, grids and contemporary vibe throughout. Light hues of cream, orange and maroon provide the magazine with a spontaneity and cheerfulness to match the vibrant atmosphere of the cosmopolitan cities. If commercialized, Rihla Magazine could promote the cities to its inhabitants and its tourists alike, providing information about history, current cultural events, food and even where to shop.

Brand Identity

Abu Bakr Islamic Centre Abu Bakr Islamic Centre which opened its doors in June 2016. Since then, they have facilitated the success of Youth and Adult Arabic classes, multiple fundraising, and establishing relations with the Surrey RCMP. A fresh brand identity system was established for the Centre to give it a corporate look but keeping it appealing to the youth they cater. The logo was based on geometric shapes and golden colour was used to depict its importance and value. Logo and banners are to be used to on a bigger scale but not limited to that.


Islam Comprehensive Qur’an || Hadith || Fiqh Jacket Covers and books were revamped for Islam Comprehensive which is an intensive part-time course that aims to give the student a deep and broad understanding of Islam. It covers a vast range of subjects and topics, and provides an in-depth study of  Qur’an, Hadith and Fiqh. Very bold and clean approach was taken using Islamic geometric shapes, calligraphy and colours in order to appeal to the target audience without taking away from the rigorously authentic, comprehensive and engaging nature of the books. These elements are to be used by the school for their iComp. and other advanced level courses that they offer.

Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Gutenberg is an Online public domain inventiveness to present books free of charge and is frequently visited by a wide variety of people, particularly teen girls. A well-designed series of book, Alice in Wonderland will surely provide gratification to this audience as these texts far too often come in poorly designed forms. The styling choices are rooted in a abstract art, including the rainbow colour scheme and natural water paint brush strokes. The covers evoke an antique look thus style may be utilized for any future teenage book covers presented by the Gutenberg Project.

Ocean Promenade Hotel

Ocean Promenade Integrated Marketing Communications plan was prepared for Ocean Promenade. The hotel will have it’s own quirks and character. A unique hotel that combines authentic local experiences, modern design and intimate service with the peace of mind and consistency of staying with one of the elegant hotels in town. The Hotel will provide more than just a comfy bed but an experience as unique as the neighbourhoods. In order achieve the objective the following elements will be revamped in order to appeal to target audience millennial; Branding and collateral, Website and App, Print, outdoor, and web advertising, new staff uniforms, loyalty cards program room services menu card.