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cya Canadian Youth Association

The youth in Surrey especially in my Punjabi community are often in the news due to the high amount of gang-related issues making Surrey seem like a dangerous city to live in. Youth as young as 13 years old are joining gangs and being involved in dangerous criminal activity. Most of these kids don't have anything to do after school and aren't involved in activities that would keep them away from joining gangs. Another issue of concern is mental health among youth both in and outside of gangs. Readily available mental health services are hard to come by in Surrey. Patients are left waiting months stuck in waiting lists to see therapists and counselling if they cannot afford to pay for it. The other option is to go to the emergency area at Surrey Memorial the only hospital in the city and have to wait hours before you are even seen. Youth who are not in immediate risk of harm are not seen as a priority due to the high volume of patients in the hospital and are left feeling like their health isn't as important as others further negatively impacting their mental health. I created the Candian Youth Association a non-profit organization as a solution to both issues. It would be a facility where youth can visit and sign up to volunteer inside their community while also having access to mental health resources for free. The facility would have counsellors, therapists, psychologists, pharmacists, and doctors on staff readily available to help. There would be drop-in hours for counselling every day from 12-6 pm. Youth would be able to sign up to volunteer and help their community such as tutoring younger kids, community events, organized sports events, etc. There is an app that would help keep track of messages from doctors, counsellors, and volunteer groups. Within the app you can also manage daily tasks and appointments as well as have full access to many mental health resources if you are unable to come in. Youth would be able to message their doctors, counsellors, etc directly and would be able to contact professionals at times on an emergency. This facility being available would both encourage youth at risk to help their community positively while also introducing themselves and becoming more connected, involved, and busy. Having mental health resources readily available would also help youth become more confident and help them achieve the goals they have in life as well as become more involved, actively participle in school and their community.


Kami, that sells publications with step by step walkthroughs of various origami sculptures ranging from beginner to expert. The company’s goal is to make origami accessible and realistic for users of many backgrounds that are interested in paper folding. The main function for this project will be a native app that users can download (App/ Play Store) that is a pocket version of their origami books. Users will be able to purchase publications through the app and flip through walkthroughs on the go without the hassle of pulling out a book. Users will be able to organize their book collection in the digital library at their discretion by allowing them to bookmark/star pages, walkthroughs, and even entire books.

Global Warming

This publication is designed towards high school students interested in learning and becoming activists.