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Environmental Modeling/Texturing: Neo Havana

In the year 2080, the advent of artificial intelligence brought forth massive international division towards the attitudes regarding machine personhood. Havana, a once neutral territory in the ongoing conflict between the Vanguards and Loyalists has become a battleground, deciding the fate of the future of humankind. For my demo reel, I wanted to showcase my ability to tell stories through framing, lighting and composition. I was heavily inspired by questions regarding potential issues that might arise in the future. One of the biggest questions that came to mind is the potential civil unrest that might arise from the advent of the singularity. Specifically, the debate of personhood for artificial intelligence: will sentient machines share the same civil rights as we do? Modeled/UV Mapped in Maya, Normals baked with NDO, Textured in Photoshop/Substance Painter, Rendered using Unreal Engine 4. Website Link: Artstation Link: