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Aritzia Kitsilano Proposal

The design concept for Aritzia Kitsilano stemmed from a botanical garden that lies beneath a solarium. The contrast between lush, soft greenery, and linear iron forms that make a dome sanctuary creates a dreamy haven that brings the outdoors inside. The design draws from all fundamental elements that a botanical garden offers, and using locally sourced natural materials the space is infused with an effortless primal appeal.

The Ivy House

The Ivy was designed to embrace true elemental minimalism. Clean lines and contemporary style is used throughout the space. The kitchen features an earthy, neutral color palette through use of gray marble countertops, and floor to ceiling walnut built in walnut built in wall cabinetry. Black steel appliances were used to infuse character into the space. Furniture was sourced from local sellers or custom made to embody a mid century modern vibe to add a playful element to the home.


Lourdes is a French Canadian fine dining restaurant that embodies a contemporary take on classic design by joining playful light fixtures and chevron wood flooring with regal navy, and glamorous lauduree pink wall panelling. The space was designed to create different experiences throughout the restaurant or the guest. The lounge offering a reinvented take on classic style with an opulent twist, or the raised dining lounge which looks out over the gardens and offers a clear sight line across the restaurant and is adorned in high brow custom made furniture, and offset with quirky light fixtures.


Clutch marketing agency lives within a lofty, bright open floor plan office. The goal was to encourage a sense of community through use of collaborative work areas, plenty of touch down zones, and banks of desks in an open plan setting. We used decorative wood slats on the ceiling to embellish community hubs throughout the office. A neutral color scheme and plenty of natural materials with pops of greenery offer a light and energetic feel to the workplace.

The Deanne House

The Deanne House was designed with the idea of a greenhouse in mind. It is a sustainable home that makes use of the elements to function, such as solar panels, rain water catch systems, composting facilities and surrounding gardens. The Deanne House was crafted keeping minimalism in mind and borrows inspiration from the all encompassing windows to the incorporation of plants within the home.