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The answer to bringing relationships to the forefront of online dating. Hera provides a safe and secure place for mature professionals to connect, through strictly live video and video messaging. Integrated technology such as: consent-based conversations, user-first support responses, and in-depth filtering are all part of Hera’s attempt to restore security and meaning to relationships started online.


On the brink of a “new” space-age, an idea from the past: accessible commercial space flight, is on the horizon. With competing brands starting up, Inter differentiates by creating a family-friendly experience to create a sense of familiarity and thus a sense of ease for this journey seen by many as frightening. Inter does this by referencing the retro-futuristic styling of the American Atomic Age and key moments in futuristic optimism. As yesterday’s tomorrow comes true today, we would like to be the first to welcome you to your future.

Vancouver College of Design

The purpose of the re-branding of “Visual College of Art & Design” was so create a more contemporary and personable look to the school, while matching the core identity to the existing brand elements created in a recent re-branding. Giving the college a unique and individualized look elevates the appearance as an art school in the academic community, and less like a corporate entity as its previous name and identity suggested. The concept is derived from the condensed programs nature, students attempt to make a “splash” in the industry in a small amount of time, similar to a ripple.

Criterion Time Travel Collection

This project is a conceptual icon system based on popular time-travel films, created exclusively for the Criterion brand to create a science-fiction fan dream collection. The design translates the connections and differences between these diverse movies all dealing with time-travel. This Project features creative direction and iconography. Each icon is based on the film’s devices and items related to the time-travel plot points. Molding each film’s core ideas and time travel concept into the round icon allows for an interesting and holistic design carried throughout all cases/covers and the miscellaneous merchandise/marketing items.


Cine. is a film-fans dream zine. Cine. is bold, unapologetic and usually opinion-based. it is a monthly cap-issue highlighting classic, recent, and future releases; while touching some subjects most news sources wouldn’t. Written by fans for fans, all dedicated to the love of cinema. This project features illustration, publication design.