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Figure Lingerie

What Identity, Branding, illustration, and packaging for Figure Lingerie. Figure Lingerie is a hypothetical brand by women focused on changing the narrative of the industry with the core values of Spectrum, Flux, and Feminine Energy. Why The lingerie industry is—and always has been—a male-centric industry while the actual product is almost entirely for women. This environment being owned and dictated by men leaves many women trying to fit into boxes that may not work for them. Figure is dedicated to creating for women and educating their audience around positive body image and sexuality. Who There is no one body type or box that the demographic can be placed in. The primary target is people who want to feel self-empowered, enjoy some lingerie for themselves, and want to enjoy their body! The mix of playful gradients and fluid Illustrations enhances the brand’s core values and encourages self-love.


What Special edition album artwork, concert tickets, and merchandise design for the Houston-based band Khruangbin. Khruangbin is a psychedelic fusion band that takes inspiration from a variety of music styles and makes it their own.   Why Khruangbin is promoting their upcoming North America tour. The goal is to gain a larger following and increase ticket sales by 10%. Through a cohesive collage design, the albums and merch visually reflect the musical themes found within the music.   Who Created for dedicated Khruangbin fans and new listeners of the band. Their audience is not age or gender-specific, however, many genuinely enjoy the experiential aspect of Khruangbin’’s music. The community of This demographic value, the outdoors, and art.  

Roots Canada Rebrand

What A full rebrand for Roots Canada including identity, package, and web design. The rebrand modernizes the brand image while paying homage to the original “roots” and deepening core values. Why Roots is moving all their production from overseas to North America as a social responsibility initiative. This means that they need a brand image update to entice their existing and new target market. The values of the company are Canadian pride, creating memories, and “Embracing Daily Adventures.” The earthy green colours and social, rustic imagery are used throughout the rebrand to effectively enhance these messages. Who This rebrand is directed towards older men and women with a middle to high income who are shopping for themselves and their children. They love the cottage/cabin lifestyle and appreciate a clean yet cozy aesthetic.