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Broadway Cafe

Rebranding and advertising set for Broadway Cafe, a local 50’s style diner in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The ads use monochrome drawings to call back to gag cartoons and the technology from the decade. The script font has been chosen as its strokes resemble drawing, and because it would be appropriate to use as branding at the time. This all takes place along the avenue that is the diner’s namesake and its surrounding area, as locals are subliminally reminded to support small businesses that are still standing after the pandemic.


Rebranding of American shoe manufacturer Crocs solving a conceptual problem where its flagship product, the hole-filled clogs, are now being made with recycled plastics. The aquatic colour used in the logo refers to the ocean, where 8 million metric tons of plastic end up every year. Subconsciously, it also communicates that technically, Crocs is internationally involved due to its new promise and that it is still a trusted shoe company that encourages individuality, to ‘come as you are.’ The new logo is applied to stationery, packaging and advertising to maintain consistency.


Package design and personalized branding identity for a conceptual pizza company, looking to promote itself through packaging and signages. The constant use of its mascot, Spenci, makes the place memorable to order from and dine in. The branding uses contrasting colours of orange to induce hunger and suggest cheapness, yet by adding dark teal, the suggested pretentiousness balances its value. The branding identity uses an original character to promote consistent distinguishability as products that come from the independent retail have them in dynamic reaction poses, which make them exploitable to jokes and edits, thus providing free advertising.

Lav's Car Wash

Branding identity for Lav’s, a conceptually small car wash built around the French word ‘laver’ (to wash) and its similarity to the English words ‘lather’ and ‘lavender.’ The business runs on manual labour where the cars are washed under supervision of customers. The new branding image centers itself on the vintage aesthetic, which attracts fans of the style and the people who are first-hand familiar with the era. Lav’s Car Wash caters to this audience with fitting music, uniforms and a new drive-in diner advertised by the posters and signs.