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The Bear and Barley

The Bear and Barley is a craft brewery startup from Edmonton, AB. Their logo represents the silhouette of a lone bear resting in a farmer’s field after a long trek in from the mountains. A vintage san-serif typeface is used to pair with the rustic nature of the black bear. Wordplay is used in the bear and barley tagline “Brewed with our BEAR hands” and also used as a fun way to market their product flavors.

Calgary Marketing

A small collection of poster-style illustrations centered around marketing for my favorite city in the world!

Tu Tierra

Tasked with rebranding a local business, I decided to give a face lift to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Calgary. I wanted to capture a sense of Mexico’s culture with a vibrant colour palette, rustic typeface and illustrations to be used throughout its marketing.

Photography @ Ralf Klein Park

A series of photographs I took while at Ralf Klein Park in Calgary. Lighting, depth of field and composition were used to create interest.

Massif Winery

Massif is a french word for Massive, which is also defined as a group of mountains. The Massif logo uses simple geometric lines to represent the lines of strata on a mountain or rows in a vinyard. The tip of the mountain represents the pinnacle of wine making.


A few conceptual packaging mockups. All designed in illustrator.