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Underground Eclipse

Underground Eclipse is a music group comprised of 2 members from the city of Vancouver. Their music can be classified as lo-fi/chill and electronic.

Neoteric Coffee

Neoteric Coffee is a coffee business based around speed and interactivity from the user. Coffee is produced on bikes in the Vancouver downtown core and ordered mainly from the app.

The Cultch Posters

This poster series is a branding and illustration based project for The Cultch with the intention of gaining exposure and marketing its individual featured plays to its target audience which would in turn, increase sales. Posters, programme guides, and advertisements would be key components of making this happen. The target audience is working millennials, aged 25–35, as according to Statistics Canada, this is the group with the highest percentage of absorbing theatre productions. In order to to market towards this group, the theme of escapism is played throughout the branding materials.


Mercurius is a packaging project based around Greek alcohol bottles with a need to market and scale its product to the public. They are in need of bottle designs for separate lineups as well as packaging to create a solid brand to market. Their core target audience is older individuals, aged 35–50, with more disposable income to travel as this group resonates with the Greek-based theme of the brand. Elegance and luxury from Greece is the main selling strategy used to attract this target market.


Ipseity is a Vancouver based designer haircare product branding project looking to market their products out to the public to gain exposure and increase sales as a result. The client requires a functional website to redirect users to their products as well as the actual packaging of the products themselves. The idea is based around individuality of men and helping them feel confidence in themselves through using Ipseity’s products. The target audience is men just graduating out of school, aged 23–30, who feel timid or insecure about landing their first job or have trouble socializing in general. To capture this audience, the strategy of confidence is sold through its products to its customers.