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Tom Lee Music

As a music retail that started in 1953, the company offers the most wide range products including pianos, guitars, electronic keyboards etc; however, Tom Lee does not only specialize in selling music instrument, they also provide technical services such as instrument repair, maintenance, music publications and recording studio rental. To help improving the awareness of what the company offers, this rebrand project is to create a more modern and up-to-date image for today’s musicians to recognize the extensive services that Tom Lee provides.

Shiro Restaurant

Shiro is a local Japanese restaurant located in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver, BC. They are known for using the freshest ingredient to put in their dishes. This rebrand project is created to target audience between the age of 30 to 40 in Mount Pleasant area who has an adventurous taste. This new face of Shiro is directed to an Izakaya style to improve its overall brand image and stand out from the crowd of Japanese restaurant in the neighbourhood.

Honolulu Coffee

This Honolulu Coffee rebrand project is dedicated to enhance a stronger image that is more appealing to target market with a higher income bracket, as well as to showcase Hawaii Polynesian’s culture in depth since the company wants the audience to experience the “Spirit of Aloha”.

Inari Japanese Sake

Inari is a conceptual brand created for Japanese restaurants and other restaurants that also provides various alcoholic beverage. The uniqueness of Inari packaging is what catches audience attention, these three bottles with different labels are designed for people who like to keep liquor bottles as a decoration at home or in restaurants.


This project is a rebrand for the London building in Vancouver downtown. The rebrand is aiming for a high end style that targets upper middle class individuals, couples, or married couples with no kids. The new name Beaumont was inspired by an actual royal palace that is located in the North Gate of Oxford, and was intended by King Henry the First about 1000 years ago, which was the medieval age at the time.

VCA Animal Hospital

Since VCA is an organization that only treat cats and dogs, it has caused some miscommunications for those non cats or dogs owners; This rebrand project is to improve VCA’s brand identity, and to help the audience quickly identify the what animal treatments that the clinics are offering.