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Eco House Design

This Eco House incorporates into the design sustainable, eco-friendly materials and appliances. Having these different features helps the sometimes delicate environment around us. This earth we live on is our home and it helps to have these Eco houses to help spread the message of how important this earth is to many people. Utilized in this design are many eco-friendly materials including sheep wool insulation which is used in the walls, Eco Paints which is applied on the surface of these walls. A tankless water heater is used for the house alongside other water and energy saving devices like the solar panels. People who are interested in the reality of our world would be pleased by this design and what it stands for.

InMOOD Office Project

This office was designed to accommodate 40 staff members. They work to create comfortable yet also practical office furniture. The office uses natural materials like wood, stone, and plants. The focus is to create a space that is open and relaxing, having natural materials brings in the calming, familiar effect that nature brings. A plant wall is added to the main work area where most workers can see it, as well as the paints added are bright cool tone colors including green, blue, and white. Having these aspects in the design helps the staff to feel happy, and relaxed while they work at there desks.

Maple Glade Restaurant Project

The outdoor atmosphere of nature brought inside. The use of wood supports the natural forest theme, which including the small waterfall makes a soothing sound, giving a break from the many different sights, noises, and smells of the city. The small pond has foliage surrounding its base, and is located in the center of the restaurant for everyone to see its beauty. A table seating area with comfy chairs is added around the waterfall where people can come in and sit in a calm place order some food, talk with friends and family.

Reitman's Store Project

Reitman’s is a women's clothing store about creativity, quality, innovation, integrity, growth, and respect. With that brand identity in mind this design takes on the concept idea that you feel your best in an environment you are confident and comfortable in. Having no expectations to fill when you walk into the space everyone will feel comfortable, and gain self-confidence while going around the store, picking out items, and just being themselves. Having cool tone colours of wall paper and wall finishes, with easy, simple shelves and hanging areas makes the area straightforward, modest, and classic.