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Animal Planet | Rebrand 2021

Animal Planet was launched on October 1, 1996. It was created by Discovery Communications in cooperation with BBC Worldwide. Since then, it has started broadcasting throughout 70 countries across the world.  The main viewers are young kids, youth, and their parents, whose interests and core values include animals and nature. Watching Animal Planet is a family activity involving learning from documentaries about animal behaviours.

Animal Planet has been rebranded twice since was launched, primarily in 2008 and the last time in 2018. It is one of Discovery, Inc.’s great global brands, providing content to more than 200 countries. The rebranding proposal of Animal Planet is to create a connection between the logo and the animal world, rather than just an elephant. With that, the logo should represent at least one animal from each species. This could be by elements of the living environment like water or birds. To showcase a unified logo that represents Animal Kingdom as a whole, the new logo features different elements of different species in a circular form that represents our planet. This also gives a more detailed expression of animals’ prints left behind as they stroll about their lives. Such mysterious concepts draw the attention of young children into fulfilling their curiosities.

Afghan Chopan Bakery & Diner

Afghan Chopan Bakery & Diner is a family business created and established in 2001, with its first location based in Richmond, British Columbia. The traditional eatery is focused on a large menu of classic Afghan meals, varying from appetizers made of eggplants with yogurts stuffed with potatoes, to kebabs withchicken, beef, and lamb. They are very proud and committed to making each of their specialties from scratch using 100% halal ingredients. They are very famous for their cozy/family environment in the restaurant and a well-served meal for two people that can easily serve three.

With time, the restaurant has been growing gradually, which eventually brought about the opening of its second location in Surrey. Currently, its popularity reached a stage in both cities that brings new clients from word of mouth every single day. The first and main location in Richmond is well centralized in the Richmond Public Market area, within 5 to 10 minutes of walking distance from the SkyTrain Stations Richmond-Brighouse and Lansdowne. This makes the commute easy and convenient for the consumers. Since Vancouver International is located in Richmond, it makes this city the first spot where new travellers arrive from overseas or other cities/provinces. It is also a city where more than 60% of the residents are immigrants (or second-generation) and look for traditional mores. This factor contributes a lot to the constant rotation of clients.

Throughout the process of rebranding the company, opportunities appeared to be relevant for the restaurant, such as promoting itself better to increase its recall in the Afghan and Middle Eastern communities. It is a plan to tell a story and educate people more about the Afghan culture. The regional competitors are also Asian but none are Afghan and its main competitors across Greater Vancouver are family friends willing to share and respect their market space.

Bard on the Beach | You Are Part of the Play

Bard on the Beach, Western Canada’s biggest non-profit professional Shakespeare festival, was founded in 1990 with the mission of providing affordable, accessible Shakespearean plays of the highest quality to Vancouver locals and tourists.

“Bard is committed to the values of equality, diversity and inclusion. It is our deeply-held belief that all three must be embedded in everything we do.”

The 32º Edition of Bard on the Beach, You Are Part of the Play, will bring people from any location in greater Vancouver closer to the event. By promoting better, engagement of the public with the brand will increase physically and on social media. With this exposure, people will develop a better understanding of Shakespeare’s plays. The willingness to complete the locations developed to interact around the city will work as a treasure hunt, creating opportunities for locals and tourists to get to know parts of the city that they never paid much attention to nor were given enough time to ever go to. Bard on the Beach and Shakespeare have similar goals as this campaign, to show that English is a rich, vibrant language, composed of endless expressions and passionate words, filled with emotions, that can be expressed and performed as an art to everyone, everywhere.

Gropius Building

This 11-storey historical office tower, which was built in 1910, can be transformed into residential flats to accommodate the high demand for housing in Vancouver’s red-hot real estate market. The Gropius Building is a historic and seismically updated structure that the city has cleared for conversion into residential buildings under new management. The spot of the building creates several opportunities for the development of a new communication to the public due to its location and high public demand and the rebranding proposal took advantage of it.

The Gropius Building developed a comprehensive advertising campaign and brand collateral materials that will attract potential customers interested in these beautiful renewed rental suites, with a simple design approach, modern and sophisticated. The highlight of the location, and how life can be easier and more practical, is the core of the brand and the campaign. The Gropius Building developed a concept of a modern place in the city for the modern generation, for the generation that loves modernist architecture and art, for those seeking inspiration and simplicity in life.

The communication is simple, straightforward, clean, and eye-catching. For those who appreciate the taste of art and history on a daily basis, the art developed brings a fine inspiration to Bauhaus.


PetCare is a platform created to provide a veterinary service at home, where clients can schedule and obtain their pet’s routine (and urgent) vaccinations, and assessments without having to leave their home. It makes life easier, and grants independence to people that sometimes can’t commute. Many people have a hard time leaving their house, mainly in times like these, and people may have pets that need professional consultations.

The brand offers a solution to deliver these services to the customers' homes and in order to promote safety, comfort, and loyalty. The advertising and brand design takes a very welcoming and lovely illustration approach of pets. The designs include a standard collateral package, which includes a logo, typography, colour palette, and stationary. A mobile app is in the works to approach the public.

The design communication will be clean, very modern, playful, and educative. This style is more effective understand and connect when pet lovers. The communication will emphasize the care and education of the service for the pets and their owners. The advertising and the mobile app will also include ways to access all the social media, as well as the ability to contact specialized doctors directly through the phone number for emergencies.

Curls | Hair Care

Curls is a friendly, colourful, sustainable, warm brand exclusive for curly hair. The research for a variety of different curly hair types also includes beard care. Curls brings the most effective nutrition for each typ according to the necessity of the customer. There is still an unbalanced quantity of products for curly hairs made and/or distributed in Western Canada when we look at the number of people with all types of curly hair, from red, black, white, to dry, oily, thin, or thick.

Curls will show off the beauty of curly hair through recognizable packages and fun colours on the shelves. In addition to that, the brand defends the environment. The brand has a strong emphasis on the care for hair health, using friendly and joyful language to foster understanding of different types. The goal is to represent this exclusive group of people that has naturally curly hair, with an organic brand, packaging, and illustration communication, and show the importance of taking care of our body, with appropriate products. Due to its communication style, the brand will be more effective in between the younger generation to late millenials.