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Drawn In

A conceptual magazine designed for readers intrigued to start drawing and designing cartoon character in a colourful, illustrated publication.

Orca Night Venue

A conceptual night club brand that would be located in North Vancouver, BC that comes complete with stationary, a feature cocktail menu, wayfinding iconography, promotional posters, and a website. Targeted for young adults on the North Shore who enjoy their late night weekend parties, and can attain that vibrant nightclub experience without having to venture deep into Downtown Vancouver.

Big Pete's Collectibles

A complete design rebrand of the North Shore comic book and collectible retailer of the same name. The new overhaul is an updated identity, bringing comic book graphics, colours, and visuals into a modern, sleek aesthetic. The brand's tagline of "escape" is present throughout the components, as the target audience of comic book enthusiasts and pop culture fans enjoy "escaping" into the worlds and stories they read and interact with. Included is an updated stationary, branded store components, multiple advertising suites for print, digital, and outdoor presentation, a new mobile app for comic purchases, a contemporary up-to-date website, and an added mural in front of the store.

Wilderness Hot Sauce

A conceptual brand of hot sauce found exclusively in British Columbia. The idea is having a hot product catered directly to the adventurous locals and lovers of British Columbia using familiar spice flavours, a rustic warm feeling to the branding, and cartoon caricatures of animals found within the native region.

Fright Nights

A set of vintage-style illustrations incorporated onto three promotional posters, as well as fountain drinks and admission tickets, for Fright Nights, an annual event that celebrates Halloween with haunted characters and attractions at Vancouver's P.N.E./Playland. The idea is to catch the attention of young adults using festive Halloween colours and illustrations of horrifying characters found throughout the venue, giving a sense of timelesses, nostalgia, and thrills.


A set of conceptual, typographic-based posters—and additionally t-shirts—used as promotion for a horror convention. Utilizing quotes from famous movies and mediums, the idea is to engage with enthusiasts of horror fiction and media and speak their language to cultivate their interest in gathering to a convention.