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Southland Yard Re-brand

Southland Yard, located within the Delta Hotel along Macleod Trail in Calgary, Alberta, is a bar and table style restaurant offering locally sourced ingredients showcased in memorable dishes. Once Southland Yard opened, they struggled with reaching beyond the community, while at the same time, building a beautifully crafted artisan menu and expertly chosen alcohol. Throughout this re-brand, I hoped to improve the online presence of Southland Yard, by focusing on the following: utilizing social media, giving a public a face to recognize in the kitchen, showcasing the restaurant team, working with volunteer groups such as A.A.R.C.S, the Mustard Seed etc. By doing so, it will create a sense of humanism behind the faces at Southland Yard, giving potential clientele someone to support, which will work to make Southland Yard stand out beyond the myriad of restaurants in Calgary.

Red Sky Guitars

Red Sky Guitars, a company started by my closest friend LLoyd Pittonet. Red Sky Guitars target audience are musicians between the ages of 20-35. Considering such a wide demographic of age, gender, and socioeconomic status, Red Sky Guitars aims to bring a well-built and affordable instrument, to either start or continue the career or passion for music. Their goal is to eventually be contacted by either school boards, or individual schools, for students and teachers alike. The over arching design was aimed at the beauty of wood and nature, driving inspirational force for all of his and my designs.

Exzodeus Gaming

A streaming brand designed for my personal gamer tag.


Just some of my sketches and charcoal work.


Although not my strongest artistic style, I am still very proud of the photographs I have taken.