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Victoria house hotel

Vancouver Island represents beauty and history. Tourists who visit the island are awed by the natural coastlines and old growth trees. Beaches are often peppered with oyster shells the inspiration behind my design of the Victoria House Hotel. The concept of the oyster shell inspired me to create a design where the exterior of the hotel reflects strength and a timeless beauty. The interior similar to a pearl, captivates the audience by its luxurious majestic appearance harmonious colours reflecting the natural surroundings of the island.


The Doner Stop project is a perfect combination of East and West cultures. The bar is a symbol of the Western design, and Turkish food is symbol of East. The materials selected for Doner Stop are predominately metal and wood . These materials create on Eastern\ Western best of both worlds atmosphere

Red Robin nest

Walking through the forests of Gabriola island I heard the chirping song of a red robin. I paused and closed my eyes as the melodious sound filled the air. Images of the small bird with the reddish-orange breast came to mind, inspiring me to design my tiny house based on this little creature. The robin’s nest, a small and sturdy home, carefully supports beginnings of life. This concept encouraged me to incorporate my design philosophy of creating an environmentally friendly home. For this project I used the materials (wood and stone) available on the island. The structure is made of steel metal and wood covering. The stones are used in the foundations and in the kitchen interior

Melody home

The concept of the Melody Home was to form relationship between modern-luxury and warm-masculine style. The home was designed for a couple ,who are involved in the arts. The piano, a key musical instrument , inspired this design , and formed the centerpiece of the home. This project involved extensive space planning to improve its functionality and flow