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Palladio is a real estate company focusing on residential units based in Vancouver, BC. Palladio is the new rebrand of a current historic building called “The London Building”. They strive to welcome new and upcoming adults in their early 20’s and make them feel at home away from home.


Dainty is a publication about empowering and inspiring women of colour. Society see women in general differently in terms of what they can and cannot do. Although most see women in colour in a foreign light - especially immigrants. Dainty is publication based in Vancouver that highlights the hardships women in colour go through in a country with such a diversity of immigrants.

Beauty by Bianca

Beauty by Bianca is an independent home based beauty salon in Surrey, British Columbia. It is run by Bianca Natura, a self-taught makeup artist who also does eyelash, eyebrows and nail services. Bianca’s goal for her business is to help her clients feel empowered in their own skin.


Posy is a local café located in botanical gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia. They are known for the experience of picking out your own edible flowers from the garden itself to put in your food. Posy’s purpose is to educate consumers with the benefits of edible flowers and alleviate the unappeal from ingesting them all while giving you an experience you would not forget.