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Tiny House -The Power of Water

The concept for this Eco House design is based on four notions encapsulating the power of water: The History: Many ancient cultures believed and respected water. The Cycle: Water is recycled in nature. The Site: Located on an island surrounded by the ocean. The Positive Health Effects: Water sounds and presence can decrease the stress level of people. With these four pillars of inspiration, the design endeavors to herald attention to the power of water.

Sama Restaurant

The main act of the Persian dance, or the Sama dance, is how the dancer moves his or her hands and arms while performing. The wrist circles and finger movements illustrate a lot of meaning and symbolism. The Sama dance refers to the spiritual practice of listening to music and achieving unity with the Divine. The wave of the hand moving and skirt circling is the core idea in the design concept which allows customers to move with this flow of dance; they are led to be happy and dance while they are dining inside the Sama restaurant. The experience of this flow of the dance is evident in the sweeping ceiling pattern and floor. The details in the fabrics, stones, and mosaic tesserae harken to the Persian classics. The feature wall specifics to this mystic Rumi dance could be an addition to the collection. Additional features such as Turquoise tiles and bulbs could enhance to the beauty and originality of design.