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Final Collection Photoshoot: Gossamer

The collection "Gossamer" is about bringing power to femininity. The word gossamer is most commonly used to refer to the gauzy, ultra-fine detail and texture of a butterflies wings. Using the sheer textiles to mimic their feeling, as well as folding actual origami butterflies to give shape to the garments. By using bold faux leathers and structured silhouettes, the feminine fabrics and textures are accentuated, giving them a powerful and controlled element. designer: Madison Prangnell photographer: Caroline Ross videographer: Ezra Wood model: Shereen (Wild Management) muah: Happi Kaur


Fashion drawings using hand rendering, illustrator, and procreate.

Garment Construction & Patterning

Garment Construction examples and Pattern Drafting samples.

Marketing and Merchandising

Marketing and Merchandising Sample Work


Fashion Photoshoot Styling