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X Publication

X Publication focuses on sneakers' culture and sneakers collectors. This year X Publication has published three editions, Out the Box, Nike Off-White, ID Colouring book. X Publication target audience is a person like Noah. He is 35 years old, and he is a sneaker collector. He started to collect sneakers in his early twenties, and now he has a big collection of iconic shoes. Noah reads magazines and websites related to sneakers' culture to stay updated with the sneaker's market and trends. The first publication in 2020 is Out The Box, an illustrated booklet for sneakerheads, nostalgics, and everyone interested in sneaker culture. Out the Box is created to celebrate, and keep alive iconic shoe culture and history, from early 1920 until today. Out of the Box, focused on illustrations of iconic shoes and provided historical information about every style. Nike Off-White publication is a fully illustrated edition, focused on Nike Off-White collection. Virgil Abloh's "The Ten" collaboration with Nike initially released in late 2017 and encompassed ten pairs of iconic Nike silhouettes. The first edition of Nike Off-White presents nine iconic illustrated styles with the info you need about each sneaker. Id Colouring Book is an illustrated booklet for sneakerheads, nostalgics, and everyone interested in sneaker culture. This edition is created for our readers to enjoy the creativity of ID sneakers. Readers get to be the publication's artists as they can colour, write and create personalized posters.


Gabi&Jules guides brand development and execution sets a baseline tone and becomes a more inclusive expression of the entire brand. Gabi&Jules is a small family business with a beautiful story and mission to passionately create exceptional pies and baked goods in a collaborative environment inclusive of individuals of all abilities. Seven of fifteen workers at Gabi&Jules Handmade Pies are people within the Autism Spectrum. Gabi&Jules’ target groups are families and individuals that appreciate handmade pies made of quality ingredients, packed full of fruit and flavour along with natural sweetness. Gabi&Jules are happy to serve customers through their online shop, at their bakery cafe, and during baking workshops. Through new branding and a new website, they can visually connect all business segments and reflect their mission. With those steps, they can grow the online business and have a stronger impact on offering employment opportunities to individuals on the autism spectrum

Ocean Warriors

Ocean Warriors are an interactive, educative set of toys created for Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Day 2019/2020, with the mission to educate kids about plastic pollution. In the Ocean Day edition, kids can get familiar with Jelly the Jellyfish, Rio the Turtle, and Veky the Whale. Ocean Warriors is for kids ages 4-8 years old. These toys are made simple, entertaining and friendly. By playing with toys, kids are helping clean the ocean from plastic particles as well as learning the importance of keeping beaches clean by reducing plastic use in their daily lives. Today, ocean pollution and plastic waste cause problems for ocean animals in a big range. With that in mind, our designers have created an interactive toy for the Vancouver Aquarium to educate kids. Ocean Warriors teach kids on how much plastic is ending in the ocean and what kind of plastic is the biggest problem for sea animals


Local guides brand development and execution sets a baseline tone and becomes the springboard for the expression of the entire brand. Local, established in 2012, is a beautiful, cultural, friendly, and local store with thoughtfully selected clothing, footwear, bags, jewelry, ceramics and, art from local artists and designers. Branding guidelines were designed to keep the brand consistent and unique at all times. This includes visual elements that appeal to the customer and make the brand memorable. We value diversity in people and personal style. Our target audience is well-educated people in the 25-40 age group with a job – resulting in a relatively high, free disposable income. They love to hang out with friends in nature. Our target group feels loyal to local brands

Old Captain Rum

Old Captain is a Spiced Rum that developed after research into maritime rums. There are five varieties” the award-winning premium brown spirit; vanilla; dry buttery toffee; and subtle cinnamon. Old Capitan Rum is meant to provide consumers with an authentic experience. On the palate, warm spices of cinnamon and nutmeg with creamy vanilla, finishing off with a long and dry subdued sweetness and a lovely hint of roasted coffee. The bottles of Old Captain rum are designed with traditional tattoo and maritime elements. You may never have tattoos, but you can enjoy the great taste of our spiced rum. We are targeting males, ages 30-45, that love quality and appreciate maritime traditions and lifestyles.