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“When good Americans die, they go to Paris.” Oscar Wilde Glossier is a digital beauty brand that has built a cult following, particularly among millennials. The narrow product range is primarily focused on skincare, with color cosmetics and fragrances. Glossier aims to create “beauty products inspired by real life.” The Glossier pop up shop was designed with the intent to idealize Paris from the eyes of a sprightly young “American”. When a child thinks of Paris they envision tea with croissants, painted pony carousels, The Palace of Versailles and the glitz and glamour of the Eiffel Tower. According to media, Paris is chic shopping trips and strolls by the Seine. Hollywood movies romanticized Paris, echoing the constant fascination with art, fashion and even in modern films set in Paris, the city is given a golden glow - the Paris of "The Devil Wears Prada" is a whirl of glamour and beauty. The youthful yet elegant pop-up shop was intended to exemplify this faultless illusion. It is a contrast between the baroque architecture of Paris with a contemporary American twist. Glossier maintains a sense of its pink and white branding throughout the shop. The interior of the commercial space is decorated with intricate mouldings and lighting. Brass accents enforce the rococo elements in the detailed ceiling, and furniture. Playful French patterns dress traditional furniture while modern textures ensure the space feels current. The stores purpose is to attract the customer to the experience of the space, this is accomplished largely by a life size carousel. The objective was to create a retail experience that encourages customers to want to pull out their cameras and document their Glossier visit on social media. It is the ultimate “instagrammable” spot.