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office design

I TRIED creat work space that engage the employees; and unlocks the full potential of the workplace. An activity-Based Working design allows an employee to work anywhere in the office that suits his or her current activity , while placing some private workstations can foster improved concentration, focus, and efficiency. In this design the focus is on daylight and bringing outdoor elements inside as well. Using natural paint colors such as green and blue(logo colors) will brighten spaces and help light reflect throughout the space. On the other hand, since the logo is the face of the company and business, so using these two colors represent the office logo and distinct the spaces as well. In some spaces plants are used to represent green color, that helps reduce stress and anxiety and make people feel calmer in work space

retail store design

The OSHKOSH retail space located in West Vancouver brings parents and children together into a friendly, comfortable environment. The space design attempts to give a strong, joyful feeling of home while shopping with family.


This project focuses on converting two existing barn structures into a vacation home for a retired couple. The clients' tastes leaned toward a contemporary style, which was a main direction for design conceptualization. The area uses large components and a limited colors palette which is functional but still invites the user of the space into the environment.