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La Dolce Vita Residence

La Dolce Vita residence is an architectural space utilizes intriguing contrasts and juxtaposing elements. Just like the famous Federico Fellini’s Italian drama, it is in search of sweet life, love and happiness. Using a Classical barn plan the residence bears a contemporary stamp that coexists with an English aesthetic, which extends upwards with floor to ceiling windows. The height of the breath-taking ceiling is complemented by a mezzanine structure for artsy guests of the residence. While they listen to Chopin’s moonlight sonata on the royal piano, they can enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains. One can indulge herself in sweetness of life by choosing among three living areas with varying styles. This residence is designed t be seductive, visionary and fascinating.

Kintsugi Spa

Designed to stimulate the senses and to restore the mind and body, Kintsugi Spa is a luxury retreat and is located in the heart of downtown as an escape from Vancouver’s busy streets. The main mindset at Kintsugi Spa is for the individual to experience healing and to restore the brokenness from the cracks of life in order to embrace these imperfections. The Kintsugi mentality embraces the individual’s imperfections, as these cracks are a beautiful identifiable feature of an individual. This distinctive way of thinking is also shown through the ceramic décor, which exhibits cracks that have been repaired using gold. The gold used throughout the space echoes this valuable experience for the clients of this intimate and elegant spa. This intimate spa has four rooms where clients can experience a variety of facials and a lounge with two custom designed booths which assist the customers to relax and enjoy a beverage after their treatment. The relaxation is also encouraged with two large windows, which let the natural light in. The ambience is further improved with elements taken from nature as these materials have a natural finish. All the wood and stone is left untreated, to convey the message of natural beauty. The chosen colours are aligned to the concept of being in nature.

Secret Garden Restaurant

The inspiration behind the secret garden is the fusion of architectural features. In this unique architectural space, the east meets with the west through a secret garden. The courtyard is located in the heart of the restaurant and creates a relaxed ambience, and at the same time an elegant fine dining experience. Individual dining areas with vaulted ceilings, surround the courtyard and create semi-enclosed private areas where customers can relax after a busy day. The lighting within these dining areas are different from the courtyard as the ambient lighting is combined with soft decorative table lighting. Furthermore, the chandelier within the courtyard, enhances the colour and shape of the delicate design elements of this design feature. This main lighting creates an elegance and shines throughout the restaurant. The decorative table lighting found in the courtyard area, echo’s romantic moonlight that shines through the clear glazing of the atrium. The running water of the fountain and the man-made natural environment in the courtyard assist customers to fully enjoy the present moment, the only moment that life exist.