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Vancouver Candle Company Rebranding

‘’Vancouver Candle Company’’ is a local business in Vancouver that offers home fragrance products such as diffusers and candles that are rooted in tradition and help people to reconnect with their natural surroundings. This rebranding project is focused on creating a specific concept for the advertising campaign, developing the delivery of the logo. The candle-shaped icon is added for a clear delivery of the logo. Most of the design components are simple in black and white to keep the company’s original brand colours and is enough to represent the brand itself. The concept of the advertising campaign is about being reconnected with nature, memories and peace through their candles; the main products of the company. There are two full-size magazine ads, two Instagram ads and two bus shelter ads. Each advertisement is based on illustrations that emphasize natural scents and the moments that candles present.


“Flowertale” is an ice cream store that offers natural flower-flavoured ice cream. The target market is young females between the age of 16 to 23 who enjoy the company of their friends and take pleasure in trying out various desserts. The logo of “Flowertale” symbolizes a shape that capture the idea of a natural flower-flavoured ice cream cone. The colours of the logo, stationery design and all products of the company all match in a pastel tone to imply flowertale’s concept which is fairy tale-like and further express the tender image that flowers have.

Tea amo

“Tea amo” is a company that offers powdered tea in their tea-bags and pre-made milk tea. To milk tea lovers, “Tea amo” delivers a quick tea time break to customers through it’s products and make their tea time easy and simple. The logo of “Tea amo” and the name of the company implies a love towards milk tea. The colours of the logo and company are in a brown tone which represents the colour of milk tea and the packaging of the tea bags designed as little envelopes correlating to the concept of what the company aims for.