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Nectar is a non-profit meadery, they brew and serve various meads with all profits going towards efforts of saving the bees. Based out of BC, Nectar focuses on the local ecosystem, buying organic and only from consciously harvested apiaries. Because bees feed primarily on wildflowers, these native flowers are featured throughout the brand. The honeycomb is also visually evident as it is the main ingredient for Nectar’s mead. Nectar provides refreshing and ethical beverages that support and aid the ecosystem for the environmentally-conscious consumer.


MissFortune is a twist on the traditional fortune cookie, providing sassy misfortunes instead of the more optimistic originals. Inspired by debunking fortune-tellers or psychics fused with a sassy drag queen. Although the misfortunes are dark, the undertone of dark humour comes through in the neon light theme reiterated throughout the brand. MissFortune cookies aren’t for the lighthearted, but for those who find humour in misfortune and look for a light in the dark.


F as in Frank is a secondhand vintage store stocking current streetstyle trends. Located in Vancouver and Toronto, they actively host and participate in impactful events much like the street communities they attract.