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Peppered Maple Dining Experience

This is a fully tailored experience for your tastebuds and your mind. First and foremost, the location is remote, the vistas are stunning and the sunsets are out of this world. The design for this space considered the timing of sundown and how that would affect the atmosphere inside. Meals here are truly something special, the menu reflects the best of what is available locally, with creativity at every turn. Evoking emotion was the goal. Conceptually, nature was key, having one fluid idea of being IN nature while experiencing all it has to offer. The trip here is perfect for celebrating a milestone, creating lifelong memories, even trying something unexpected in a nature-filled space that encourages a fantastic time.

River Run Tiny House

SUSTAINABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY LIVING! A micro-greens cultivator, solar-powered BBQ, high-tech glass that changes opacity, & an on-site apiary are some of the features in this Eco design. It was a fun challenge in creativity, and innovation. This tiny house features a rain garden, solar panels, and custom furniture with re-purposed materials. The Living Building Challenge petals were used as guidelines. Introducing a whole new way to live off the land!